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10 good reasons why the reality around us can be "Matrix»

Maybe we do it? ..
Perhaps you ever come up with the idea that the surrounding reality - is something like a program or computer game, created by beings unknown to us. While virtuality our reality could not prove to anyone, and indeed refute, but in favor of this, seemingly crazy idea indicate some features of the device world, noted by scientists. Here are ten reasons for which, perhaps, we all live in "The Matrix».

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1. Simulations stories

The power of computers is growing downright alarming rate: with the help of modern computers can not only handle huge amounts of data, but also to create their own model of the reality that has long been used in the video game industry.
I'm sure many have heard about one of the most iconic games in the genre of so-called simulators stories - «Civilization», which was developed by the legendary Sid Meier. In it, players are given the opportunity to direct the development of the whole country and feel like a real creator of history.
According to some experts, about half a century computing power of computers will grow by millions of times, making simulators stories become so realistic that they will find the characters actually mind, but will not be aware of the fact that they live in a virtual world. Some of the scholars even put forward the idea that hypothetically we can all be heroes of computer games, which is unknown to us fascinated by the user.
It is quite possible, because now some machines are able to "create" their own history, for example, a supercomputer at Harvard University «Odyssey» modeled in a few months time period of 14 billion years.

2. Curiosity

Besides computing power to create your own world requires a certain audacity - in fact the creator of the universe has taken on the burden of responsibility for the fate of all its inhabitants, with their feelings, thoughts, joys and sufferings.
However, the popularity of computer games shows that it is unlikely it would be a serious impediment to the author of the world: with the help of virtual models of intelligent beings satisfy their ambition and curiosity, so it is possible that someone plays us the same way we play, for example in «The Sims».
Experts also believe that the world could be created not only for entertainment, but also as a prototype on which their colleagues from the "true" reality check various options for the development of civilization, thus hoping to avoid disasters in your universe.

3. "Failures in the system»

Confirmation of the idea of ​​virtuality of the world could also be the fact that humanity is regularly confronted with a variety of phenomena that science can not explain able.
According to some assumptions, the paranormal - is not nothing but a failure in the surrounding matrix. When the code of the universe discovered errors strange things happen, for example, there are ghosts, people start to behave inappropriately and experience unusual sensations. For example, you probably know the feeling of deja vu - when the place or situation seem familiar and well-known, although you know that before anything like this does not come across.

4. Mathematical patterns

Our universe may well be the creation of a programmer, because its structure is subject to mathematical laws. By means of mathematical calculations can explain everything in the world - using the computer even managed to decipher the human genome. Scientists admit that such a device thoughtfulness and rigor of the world may well be due to its artificiality.
If this is true, perhaps, mankind ever be able to understand the binary code, from which everything is made. Some researchers have already made its first steps in this direction, and look for evidence "ically mathematical" universe.

5. The anthropic principle

Have you ever wondered why the planet has created an environment, almost ideal for life? The land is located at an optimal distance from the Sun, it has a "right" composition of the atmosphere and perfectly "calculated" gravity. The so-called anthropic principle has been proposed by scientists to explain these global patterns of appearance of life, and although it may be other planets with similar conditions, to detect them are still not able to, so it is currently believed that life could have arisen only in the world.
According to the researchers, all the conditions necessary for the habitability of our planet could be created artificially. It looks as if some experimenters put a number of specific parameters, and based on them have created a working model.
Scientists tend to think that the developers of the world unknown to most likely do not even like people and created us in such a way to better conceal its existence.

6. Parallel Universes

The theory of parallel universes says that there is an infinite number of realities with all sorts of different developments - something like a huge house with lots of rooms, which can happen anything. The writer Jorge Luis Borges compared the parallel worlds of the library, which holds books in different languages ​​and is very different stories.
The existence of parallel worlds can again be explained by the fact that someone has created several models with different sets of variables to calculate all the variants of scenarios, which are able to develop.

7. The Fermi Paradox

If our planet is one of many which could harbor life, naturally assumed that civilization of other galaxies, sooner or later would have attempted to space exploration, as we did, but humanity has not yet been able to detect traces of the universe of other intelligent beings . Brief statement of the paradox proposed by physicist Enrico Fermi is in a nutshell: "Where are all?».
Fermi Paradox fits the theory of virtuality of our world. Returning to the anthropic principle, can be summarized as: no traces of other civilizations that are supposed to be present in the universe, because the pattern of this world designed exclusively for mankind.

8. God - the programmer

The essence of most religions is to ensure that all around to create some higher being, that does not contradict the concept of the universe as a global program, but instead of the gray-bearded strict old man, how are usually the Author of the world, it can be a programmer, bent over the keyboard.
One of the main issues raised in this case - what divine Programmer encoded in us the desire to assume its existence? One of two things: either he really wants us to know about it, or it came out inadvertently, and people should not have to guess about the world, but somehow intuitively true state of affairs.
Thus, the events described, for example, in the Scriptures, may be true, and God really created the world in seven days, but not by his divine power, and using the computer.

9. The universe is not unlimited

The universe is incredibly vast, but she still has a limit, and certainly each of you wondering - what is behind it?
Let's say that the theory is true virtuality of the world - in this case, having got beyond it, in the "true" reality, we could see the computer that sits reasonable superhuman. However, in reality it may be more difficult, and the "true" reality will be as an artificial model.
This hypothesis is put forward from Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom, who said that there are several levels of reality, and over time their number may vary. Unfortunately, hardly anyone will be able to explore all the models contained in each other (like Matryoshka) and get to the level of true peace, so we can only speculate about its properties. And if the original reality as well as ours, of course, that in this case is beyond its scope?

10. We know only a small part of the world

Of course, people find it difficult to imagine that the universe can exist on one or more powerful supercomputers - we believe that it is too large and difficult to find, but probably the creators of the model of the world and does not tried scrupulously to count all the reality around us.
Remember computer game «Grand Theft Auto» - there are a few key characters that are associated with the storyline, and many secondary alike "clones" that are needed exclusively, as they say, "for the entourage».
Likewise arranged your life: you keep in touch with a small circle of friends and relatives and have no idea about the millions of other people around the world, so that the confidence that they can think and influence the "plot" of the world, are unsubstantiated .
"A lot of the galaxies," which supposedly exists in the universe - nothing else, as the great scenery in which the creators of the game lead us into the "reality" of what is happening. It is even possible that the gameplay started recently, and to create the illusion "of past years', its developers put into the mind of the characters, that is, we, the various memories.
The computer on which "set" our world, generates only that part of it which is required at this time - thus saves computing power that supports the operation of the model.

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