Little Dima, five year old son of our friends, very friendly with his same age, Masha. We can say that they have almost romantic feeling, as it is possible in this age.

Dima strongly cares for his passion and often gives gifts of candy, chewing gum and other amenities. And recently, I walked the young Romeo accompanied by his grandmother (but in the absence of "Juliet"), and passed their way past the toy store. Dima asks grandma:
 - Let's go to the store? Soon the garden will be a holiday, and I want there to make a gift Masha.
How could my grandmother refuse favorite grandson? Since the occasion was serious, then this time Dima chose a special gift - a baby ring, toy, of course, but very nice - the dream of any five year old girl. The entire rest of the day Dima just talked about how Mary would be pleased to receive such a present from him.
The next day, Dima festively dressed and rechecked several times whether he had forgotten the gift, went on holiday with my parents. In the evening, the grandmother grandson asked:
 - Oh, that Dima, Masha gave you a ring?
 - Yes, I gave grandmother. But I gave him a light. Very much her dress was beautiful today ...


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