Once the parents were told I made a presentation on the main street of our little town when I was 4 years old.

Actually, when it was young, still under construction worker settlement, consisting of a dozen streets. Chief among them wore (and still is) the name of Lenin (and how could it be otherwise?) And served as the main venue for the rest of the working people in the evenings and weekends; close to each other on it were the cinema "Youth", a small park with a carousel and, of course, the same monument to the leader. And during one of Sunday walks bronze Lenin caught my eye, and I decided to read him a poem, which has recently learned in kindergarten. And I must say that we learned there is a lot of different poems, was among them one - on a donkey, which is poetic dimensions coincides with another - of Vladimir Ilyich. I do not remember what I was guided, when he decided to unite them, but that's what I got:
 - Lenin, Lenin, dear! Roth, please open the door! And blew zagudi, All lazy wake up!
Both sides of the street within range of my voice ringing perished. And I looked around round serious eyes and did not understand why everyone around is ridiculous, and I - no ...


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