Not pravialno

It was the 2nd of May. People have been known to this day departs from rapid festivities. Relatives gathered, first noted in themselves come with a hangover head ache etc.

And then someone younger generation prispichelo for cigarettes go, someone else for something, and took with them two years of Cyril.

Go three - two boys and Cyril through urban woods. Small woods, covered in trails, but not yet vytoptany, many bushes. Suddenly Cyril turns off the path and sent to the bushes, stands in front of them and something intently considering. Guys are going to call out to him and then notice what so enthusiastically staring wee. A couple staring at it, and gave up in the bushes amorous pleasures. Screaming child is awkward, the couple hears, and allow the child to such a scene to watch, too, can not - can not understand, but my mother still tells. Trying to show signs Cyril, that was there - does not notice. Standing and looking. And here is my child, barely learned to speak loudly declares: "Uncle! And you're doing wrong! ยป

"Uncle" shocked by the potency and gone, and the young woman in hysterics.


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