Charging - business right

No one can predict how it will turn a joke. We sit once on the bus at the last stop of our holiday village. Wait until the bus will get under way on schedule. People already save up decently, all waiting to be silent. Here goes past the man at some bedraggled old bike. Clunker squeaks unmercifully all around at each turn the pedals as ungreased cart. Looking at him, the little boy sitting next to his father in the seat next loudly asked:
 - Dad, why is he so creaks?
Father revived and probably being in a good mood, I decided to play a trick:
 - And this is my uncle does exercises in the morning, and so he, you see how the bones creak!
The boy thought for a moment, then says:
 - Ah, that means our neighbor Uncle Boris also charge does.
People with interest hiding. A father asks with surprise:
 - How do you know?
 - But when it comes to us in the evening the last time in my mother's room creaked so that I could not sleep for a long time.
At these words the father hunted looked around and choked voice asks his son:
 - And where was I ?!
 - And then you went on a business trip, I brought three more ball ...


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