Horse burst

Summer day, cottage, sun, beach ... we went to the lake to swim there and so stuck - our 5 year old son refused to come out of the water ... I remember myself as a little, and not having employment is more important at the time, decided to stay on the beach ... So son in the water, my husband and I in the sand - are lying, then sunbathe ... After a while, her husband, apparently wanting to roll over on his back, I sat up and took the ... um ... so loved them opredelnie situations kolenno- elbow position on this ... son moment, probably played enough in the water, a running jump and land on his back ... and with a cry of "Forward, my horse!" begins to bounce ... My husband makes a surprise quite impressive in sound intensity and duration of the LCP. Interrupted son was quiet. Lightly distressed voice he said:
"Oh, the horse broke. It will have to take the other. "


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