Everything is relative

"The explanatory.
I foreman Sidorov, IP, acceptance committee gave SMU built our new 9-storey house. The house has been adopted with a rating of "good", but seen:

to carry the old hut in the yard, clean place in the playground.

1. I have instructed workers to adjust compressor and jackhammers to break up the building. After half an hour the workers reported that hammers burst tips and spare no.

2. Then I sent Bulldozer Bulldozer but soon returned, said burst shovel and flew clutch.

3. send me an excavator is also not right: cast iron woman burst and broke the cable.

Using personal connections, I asked a friend demolition gently undermine the hut. However, after the explosion collapsed the new 9-etazhka, but with the structure crumbled plaster, under which found a sign saying:

"Right this chapel built slave Roly Khlyustov crappy and Leno, for which he was flogged & quot ;. & quot;


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