The smallest pony in the world celebrates first birthday

In the days of Einstein (the name of the smallest horse in the world) will be a year. This year has been quite eventful for such a small creature. First there was the appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show, and then trip across the USA.

Born last year, Einstein was perhaps the most famous pony on the ground. Now, at the age of one year, the growth of horses from the hooves up to the tips of the ears not more than 50 centimeters. Of course, the appearance of such unusual creatures could be of interest to people who wanted to look at the tiny horse in alive.

Recently it was possible to observe a queue of more than a thousand people at the entrance to the farm near new Hampshire. It lives here now Einstein. With his owners he prepares to celebrate his birthday.
“For us, this year was more than successful. We love horses and decided to breed not only large but also miniature horses,” says the owner of the farm 44-year-old Cantrell.

Despite the size of Einstein characteristics inherent in the dwarfs had been found, i.e., it is simply a miniature horse. The parents of Einstein is quite a normal size for his breed – dad is 82 cm tall and my mother is 78 cm

In that time, as the tiny horse of the interested tens of thousands of people, friends among the other animals on the farm Einstein not so much. On the farm there are other horses, however, apparently, they do not accept Einstein for his.

While a tiny Einstein did not find proper friends, the horse plays with St. Bernard Hannah. It is not clear how much of friends these two are completely different creatures, but they are quite get along.


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