Letter to Santa Claus

Hello, Grandfather Frost! Writes your ordinary woman. The fact is that I really need some things that are not yet invented, and since you're not just my grandfather, and magic, then you give these things - a piece of cake.

So my grandfather, look here, I need:

Lock pryschedavleniya: This such a special thing that will stop me to crush pimples on the eve of important occasions and in any other case.
Heponyatno, why is there still such a thing did not invent - is clear that the habit to meditate in front of the bathroom mirror causing irreparable harm to the vast majority of women! Brain, noticed a small red in reptile somewhere in the area of ​​the nose is cut off, and the consciousness of this lady comes only when, instead of a small dot on the face of the crater glows red and his face marked out with red spots, traces of hunting. In general, grandfather, come on, think up something already!

Password-protected wallet: a small purse with artificial intelligence and persuasive: it is necessary that he expected a daily budget and trying to go beyond thereof to bite my hands loudly and shame on the whole shop :. Well, or simply does not open - FIGS you and not body lotion with the scent of vanilla. Children anoint cream.

Antiglupostnoy onemitel: This is such a special microchip that will capture the vibrations of the brain, is going to give universal stupidity and immediately block the language. I come, for example, in the passport office, and intend to apply to the main boss :. A microchip locks and sends a signal to the brain: This thing is to help the woman passed for smart and protect it from all sorts of troubles in life - a very necessary, grandpa, you know!

Alco-oblagorazhivatel: Oh, that's a gift essentials! This is a special device that will enhance their impact on the process of strengthening of intoxicated women: the more she drank - the nobler and more beautiful became. Good thing - women are jumping around without bras and tweaked ofigevshih bosses ass, and you're sitting, clean and beautiful, and expressed himself with quotations from Akhmatova. Hautro after partying all reprimanded, and you - the rise and a bouquet of violets on the keyboard. Super thing!

Morning antizhabin: Every morning I look at the sad sad swollen woman in the mirror. To avoid this, I need a morning antizhabin - a pill that makes a woman beautiful second after awakening. Ate and order.

An important addition to me:
And so be it, that from fried potatoes, toast and cheese, pizza, ice cream and candy "Bear" women lost weight and got better on the low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese and zero-grown wheat.

More important addition: a special device in the mobile phone, so if the mistress drunk is automatically blocked to all the rooms of the former. Future too. Just in case.

Again addition: Autoblocker PMS, anti-cellulite burgers and epilator-orgazmoid.


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