Urgent record

I've recently decided to screw his house in order to restore. And as my wife and one computer for two, as well, and the majority of readers, it is natural to order measures to restore together, so as not to erase what desired.

We have a small screw, only 2 GB, and therefore I set myself the task and his wife - everyone has his own directory with junk total of not more than 500 MB in size. I cleaned her up to volume for 10 minutes, and gave way to his wife.

Went to her half an hour later, she is still clean, came in half an hour - says he has already finished, but still 600 meters it turns out, no less. I said to her: "Come on I'll see what have you got there, maybe something will prompt". She agreed with difficulty. I go to the first folder, I've found there: DOKUMENT1.DOC, DOKUMENT2.DOC, ..., DOKUMENT20.DOC and nothing more. I am at a loss to open the first - empty, the second - too empty, and so, I ask: "What is this you have it?". Get the response: "Oh, leaflets empty, SUDDENLY SOMETHING URGENT NEED RECORD".


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