The undisputed world leader races "KAMAZ-Master"

The team "KAMAZ-Master" for 20 years is the undisputed world leader in the racing off-road trucks, 10 victories in Dakar and a few dozen of victories in other international rallies.

In 2011, the Dakar, all four cars involved in the race, taken from 1 to 4 location! Let's see, what is the secret.

How it all began

In 1988, the rally "Jelcz" in Poland came three Soviet truck-SUV from Naberezhnye Chelny. Of them, no one knew anything, so the attitude to Russian, respectively - well, come and come, let them chase. A Russian and took runner-up, all of a sudden and for myself as well. So, in fact, began the story of the phenomenal success of the team "KAMAZ-Master.

I arrived in Naberezhnye Chelny with a group of journalists who were invited to test-drive "combat" the latest generation of cars, win the race the Dakar-2011, and a tour of the sports center team "KAMAZ-Master". Test Drive held legendary Vladimir Chagin, Honored Master of Sports, a seven-time winner of the Dakar.
Test drive

KAMAZ-4326 of last generation. 8-cylinder diesel engine capacity of 18.47 liters and 850 hp, acceleration to 100 km / h in 10 seconds. The weight of this monster 9300 kg. The maximum speed of the KAMAZ - 195 km / h. Tank 1000 liters - in the back under the hood of the car.

We planted two of the cab of KAMAZ, put on his helmet firmly fixed racing belts. Instruct us and telling about his KAMAZ Chagin got behind the wheel and started to show the class.

Car chase is indeed very impressive. Especially when Chagin managed to enter the snow drifts and white clods flying from under the wheels, and the stern swirled cloud asleep lenses of our cameras and camcorders.

There was a time when a truck skidded and he almost drove into those who tried to make a particularly spectacular shots.

Going into this infernal chariot can only be on a ladder.

Center "KAMAZ-Master»

The newly-built sports center "KAMAZ-Master" team are the main trophy - a prize for victory in the race to Dakar.

And this is the man who invented it all - the founder and the permanent head of the team Semyon Yakubov Semenovich. As a navigator Semen Yakubov has repeatedly won the most prestigious international races.

The shop on the stocks are future racing off-road trucks. Here they are collected from the beginning to the end, the frame parts gradually accumulates, then to turn into the same machine on which we drove today.

A total of "KAMAZ-master" work only 100 people, including managers, engineers, technicians, athletes, support staff.

Racing KAMAZ, like any other car racing, hand-picked by individual projects, using its own Engineering and Technology, who practiced for years in harsh tests of international rallies. In fact, the serial KAMAZ is only the engine and transmission.

It not only makes the car for his team, but also collect the trucks on special order, for everyone.

Returning to the Dakar "fighting" the machine will be dismantled before the screw and carefully examined for further improving the design of the car. Our athletes in the race more than once rivals were caught with cameras, lying under the KAMAZ - specialties have all secrets and unravel them, of course, trying to.

The sports center is made perfectly, there is everything for work and leisure.

Including, for example, a dining room for employees with strange prices.

It features a beautiful fitness center for physical training of sportsmen - multi-day race riders have taken all the power - physical and mental. Here, the main trouble with the struggle of racers - compression of the spine.

Swimming pool, sauna and next - Turkish and Finnish. All spick and span - center a little more than two years.

These races are engaged in truly obsessed people - there's very little of the business, it is, in fact, pure sport, exhausting, takes away people's health and often and life. In the race the Dakar prize for first place - only 15 thousand euros.

Vladimir Chagin finished the play for the team, left a great sport, but it remains a key figure in the team, the director of NP "KAMAZ-Motorsport».

via Rustem Adagamov


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