Fighting vehicle KAMAZ-43269 "The Shot"

Development began in 1997 in the Research and Production Center "special engineering" MSTU. Bauman, together with KAMAZ. Initially, the project was offered to all law enforcement agencies of Russia. First drew attention to the serious BPM 97 Head of the Federal Border Service Andrei Nikolayev. The armored car was supposed to partially replace (hot spots and dangerous sections of the border), the main transport guards - GAZ-66. After the 1998 default public funding ceased, and work on the project was delayed. In 1999, the first time the public was presented a new model sample of combat vehicle.

To compensate for the cost of development for a small amount of state orders the machines were offered civilian companies.
Armored cars used to transport explosives, money and valuable goods.

After receiving in 2005 an export permit several cars were sold the Interior Ministry of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. In
the operation of the machines identified a number of quite serious defects, which served as a pretext to abandon the purchase
has produced batch machines (broken universal joint, breaking springs, several machines - a crack in the armor plates). In
result, in 2008 the Ministry of Defence decided to buy this game armored cars. In 2009, several cars
BPM-97 took part in the exercise "Zapad-2009».

"Watch" is factory JSC "Remdizel" in Naberezhnye Chelny. On the armored body of JSC
"Kurgan" mounted units and units KAMAZ 4326 4x4.


Structurally, BMP-97 is a four-wheel drive armored vehicle with a monocoque welded hull of Kurgan.
The car is divided into the engine compartment and the compartment for the crew and troops. The main body of the side and rear are made
stern doors, hatches and landing hatches and senior mechanic at the car. When you create a vehicle used
units and components production car-road KamAZ-4326. The use of standardized production units and
units will simplify production and repair of the car, reduce the cost of the vehicle, ensure
technical inspection and repair of technical equipment intended for production cars and chassis production
OJSC "KAMAZ". Mileage to overhaul amounted to 270 thousand. Km.

In the BMP-97 is equipped with two 125 l-sealing tank and an additional 20 liter tank in the armored corps. Car
is equipped with an auxiliary heater allows you to maintain a working temperature in the compartment of the crew and landing is
Depending on the engine. As the vehicle is fitted for filtering.

Protection and weapons

Reservations bulletproof. The upper part of the body can withstand shots from 12, 7-mm machine gun "Utes" from a distance of 300 meters,
the lower part and feed - from 7, 62-mm SVD sniper rifle from a distance of 30 m; the bottom of the well armored. Armament
It is mounted in a rotating turret. Installation of 14, 5 mm gun KPVT or 12, 7-mm machine gun "Kord" 30mm
grenade "Flame", an anti-missile system.


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