The huge charge for phones

Everyone knows, the longer the phone is switched on, the more money the subscriber to the operator brings, especially away from home. The operator Vodafone has found a way to support customers at concerts and festivals to be held this summer in the UK.

To visitors plenty of events can shoot video, communicate in social networks and bring more money to the operator, Vodafone acquired the world's largest mobile charging station. The station is based on a large 18-wheel lorry; Upon arrival, it goes into the operating mode, there is a persistent, which stands for the representative of the operator, as well as a porch with steps, so that callers can climb.

ospolzovatsya service can only subscriber Vodafone. Turning to the representative of the operator, the client calls his name and confirm your subscriber status. The man behind the counter makes the photos of the client, sculpts a sticker with a bar code on the phone and gives the user a paper bracelet, confirming the acceptance of the device in charge. Phone same, whether it is iPhone, BlackBerry, Android-smartphone or any other device is connected to the charge and placed in a cell under lock and safe. Battery life is 2,000 charging station phones. The system will appear on the 11 largest festivals in the UK during the summer, which, according to experts Vodafone, it will serve about 72 thousand people.


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