How to be guaranteed to be happy every day

There is no such person in the world who would not be happy at least once. As the famous yogi Sadhguru says: “Happiness is a bright shining of human emotions, a moment when in spite of everything a person just feels good. This happens to everyone. The most interesting thing is that you just need to learn how to maintain such a state ”.

Happiness is just around the corner . This saying is well known to you, but it can also be corrected. Happiness is not just around the corner, it is right here. Naturally, we are used to assessing our condition in relation to something, we do the same with happiness, but a lot depends on you. From how you are able to perceive and accept what is happening to you. Here are five tools to help you be happy every day.

What is human happiness
  1. Daily accounting
    It's like keeping financial records in accounting for effective management. However, this also shows whether you receive income or suffer losses. Accounting shows you where you are going. So it is with happiness. Try asking yourself at the end of each day, “Was I a little happier today? Was it happier than yesterday? " In such accounting, only two aspects are important: how much happiness you experienced yourself and how much happiness you gave to those around you. Anyone can do this.

  2. Life is short
    Most people live as if they believe they are immortal. A person subconsciously thinks that this does not concern him. If you think about it more often, will you have time to complain or to quarrel with someone? Are you going to waste your life on this? If you realize that you are mortal, you will remind yourself of this every day, then literally in two days you will feel something fantastic. Only the most important things will be important to you, including happiness.

  3. Happiness is in your hands
    Your life and its experience is entirely your creation. If you cannot realize this, then you cannot change anything. It does not matter at all who did what. How you feel about it is what matters. Sadhguru talks about karma, and this is not something that is given to you from above. Karma is your actions. What YOU do with your life on a daily basis.

  4. Put aside everything that you are not
    Tonight, before going to bed, try to put aside everything that you are not. Ask yourself: is you your home? Is your spouse you? Are your children you (especially if they are over 12 years old)? Clothes, body, thoughts - is it all you? Not. Try to do this every day, and one day, when you manage to put aside everything that you are not, you suddenly discover what you are.

  5. Five minutes of love
    Love is the sweetness of your emotions. You can feel love at a distance, which means it does not depend on anything. Spend five minutes a day with what you don't care about - a stone, an insect, an iron - and after a while you will be able to feel love for these objects. As a spouse, children or mother. If you can look at all things in this world with love, your life will turn into a joyful experience. Suddenly you realize that love is not what you do, but what you are.

You can get more impressed with Sadhguru's reasoning about happiness in this video.

Eternal happiness is probably a utopia that cannot be achieved. Nevertheless, the editors of "Site" wish you happiness in everything and every day. You don't choose how to be born and how to leave, but you choose how to live your life. Share this article with others, because we need as many happy people all over the Earth as possible!


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