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The school number 1317 in the south-west of Moscow were recorded blatant fraud. It was established by the investigation, school officials have created a fund to support education, "school boards". The school director Konstantin Petrov, part of the foundation council, when enrolling children in the first class required to transfer to the fund of 150 thousand rubles.

The school also had a system of mandatory contributions, while the amount ranged from eight to 13 thousand rubles for monthly training. Visiting students sports sections managed in 950 rubles a month - despite the fact that for this purpose the government allocated a regular budget.

This money is remitted to the fund, we were not on the development of institutions and into the pockets of school staff. According to investigators, on credit cards headmaster, his deputy and teacher of Russian language and literature have been listed for at least 28 million rubles (this is just what is set at the moment).

With the money Petrov has built a real castle in the style of Art Deco. By the most conservative estimates, such a house are drawn to $ 20 million. The price of a house of 500 - 600 square meters in the area (in the village Svitin under the Naro-Fominsk) start at $ 10 million. At the same Petrov in the area built up not one, but two houses - a two-storey, two - three floors, the building connects the two pool. Actually, to call these houses masterpieces of contemporary architecture difficult. Here most appropriate words such as palace, house, castle, estate.

Konstantin Vladimirovich, apparently, was in love with his creation - he even printed an illustrated catalog with photos of the interior of his house.

When investigators came to search the house, they saw the 2-meter fence hand-forged by Italian masters, and behind it - the facade of the building, decorated with Italian fresco gold-plated.

Going into the territory of the castle, the investigators saw a 25-meter swimming pool with water from an artesian well decorated with frescoes on the grounds of the Renaissance artist Michelangelo Buonarroti - "The Last Judgement" and "Creation of the World».

"Throughout the house are placed sofas, upholstered in leather of exotic animals: African zebras, leopards, 11-meter anaconda - said in a catalog-guide to the castle. - The walls of the guest bathrooms are decorated in Italian travestinom, living room wall inlaid Pearl ».

My account director of the Moscow school ennobled zhatym silk with elements of natural minerals. Gold powder, Murano glass, marble, pearls and skins of exotic animals - all this splendor Petrov, like a true connoisseur of art, brought to the decor of his house near Moscow.


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