How to do proper make-up remover

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Each day we spend in the mirror for about an hour. Morning treatments and makeup. Evening, removing makeup, cleansing and toning the skin moisturizing or nourishing mask, prepare the skin for a night's rest. Insufficient cleaning of the skin leads to inflammation, rashes and pimples. The proper way to remove and reduce the risk of inflammation?

Understand the skin type

For each type selected, different tools make-up remover Oily skin needs a light drying, moisture dry, combination or normal responds to the universal medium, or makes the landlady to carry out complex manipulations of each zone separately. Needs makeup remover, alcohol-or oil-based aseptic medicines micellar water.
If you have dry skin use a milk, gel or lotion moisturizers. For oily skin fit mousses and foams, after which the face is rinsed with clean warm water.

In a normal situation, simply remove the lipstick. Lips with permanent makeup or energize chapped balm. In the case of the inflammatory process immediately apply the cure.

The eyelids and eyelashes

In the presence of contact lenses first remove the lens. Means for removing makeup glides remove eye shadow and mascara from the eyelashes. Correctly chosen tool instantly dissolves mascara and does not damage the cilia. Particular sensitivity should be exercised in the case of eyelash extensions and permanent makeup century: too intense actions lead to the loss of cilia and the rapid disappearance of the pigment. Avoid getting cosmetics in the eye.

The skin of the face

First remove a layer of blush and powder. Then remove the remains of the Foundation. Thorough cleaning is carried out in several stages, until all traces of makeup from the skin. Applies a two-phase liquid, micellar water, lotion, mousse, foams, gels and lotions. Clean the skin with soap and water without negative consequences for appearance in adulthood can afford one.
Beauticians warn of excessive force when removing makeup: the skin is damaged and stretched, decreasing its density and elasticity. As a result, the aging process will manifest itself a few years earlier.

If you do not intend applying evening makeup, apply face regenerating tonic. In the case of inflammations or rashes, treat the affected area with antiseptic and medicines.


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