Wall sheet with the details of the material

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Regardless of the specific features of the profiled sheet or simply sheet metal, is relatively thin plate of galvanized metal. In the production process, the sheet can be treated with a special polymer compounds. With the aim of giving the material high strength characteristics, plate mandatory profile.

Features wall protostele you're looking for an inexpensive, but versatile and high-quality finishing or building material, which can be used for interior and exterior cladding of walls and ceilings, or, for example, erection of fence, note on trapezoidal sheet C44.

However, brands wall corrugated sheet a lot of C8, C10 and others. The figure indicates the height of the waves. To pick up best practice, given the purpose of the product.

Important! If you are looking for steel sheet for use inside the building, give preference to brands of C8 and C10.

Than wall options profiled sheet roofing differ from "competitors"? The difference lies in three key parameters:
  • Bearing capacity;
  • Strength;
  • Cost.

For each of the items corrugated roofing wins. But once again I will point out that prices for material with letter "s" in the marking below.

Topical areas the use of corrugated Board for the construction of fences of different types, you can suggest the purchase of a sheet of stamps C20 and C21. The brand is further subdivided into two categories, with additional letters A or V. the Products of c20a is most often used for external cladding of walls and ceilings, construction of private fences.

Using profiled galvanized sheets, it is possible to solve various problems. Despite the fact that the steel plates are called wall, you can apply them to the design of facades, finishing of eaves, cladding of ceilings. The material has a beautiful and contemporary look, strength and corrosion resistance. Separately, is true of its fire and environmental safety. It does not support combustion and does not emit when heated under the sun harmful components.

Working parametricheskoi corrugated sheet is different thickness of steel full length and width of a plate useful width and height of the waves. Please note: these characteristics may vary within wide limits. So, for example, the height of the corrugations may be 70 mm and maybe 10 mm.

Regardless of these properties, the material is: easy Assembly and installation (cut it or drill in the plate hole is not technical difficult), durable and with high capacity (like reinforced concrete) and lightweight (which also further facilitates the manipulation and transportation).


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