Corrugated sheet H60 and its features

Four million five hundred thirty three thousand nine hundred fifty eight

H60 profiled sheet used in the construction of residential, industrial facilities, and other structures for which a reasonable use of materials with high rigidity. Thus. you can implement the boldest architectural ideas. reliable corrugated sheet H60 is the so-called basis La of temporary or permanent partitions. It perfectly withstands the mechanical load and temperature changes and precipitation.


Especially materialisme sheets presented in the form of trapezoidal type product carrier. The height of this profile is only 60 mm. In the upper pane, with additional ribs. They allow you to increase the strength of the material, so it easily withstands high mechanical loads. Thus, each sheet can safely be used for lining in different climatic zones. Thus, the profiled sheet is quite resistant to temperature spikes and wind loads. Also, the material will be able to optimally transfer the seismic activity of the soil. The products are also supplemented by special galvanized layer, it protects the coating against corrosion or rust. Sheet not susceptible to deformation.


Application prognosticatory sheet allows a reasonable way to apply it when facing frame structures and diaphragms of objects in the construction of fences, temporary and permanent fences. Simplified installation will not take much time and will help when performing complex operations. The material is actively maintained at carrying out of roofing works of various complexity. So, the leaf is a more beneficial version of the classic metal. The manufacturer of profiled sheets have given their products many useful characteristics that significantly increased the lifespan of even the most ambitious designs.


Reliable sheet metal H60 has its own advantages:
  • reasonable price without extra charges and overpayments;
  • a wide scope of material — from veneer to create a Foundation for structures;
  • simplified installation of structures on the basis of the trapezoidal sheet;
  • high stiffness with relatively low weight;
  • the material has high performance.

To order a special sheet metal can with a convenient directory of the company. Before doing this you should choose the thickness of the sheet, which will allow you to tailor the finished product to a particular project. Thus, to apply the corrugated sheet is possible together with any type of insulation. The existence of an official certificate for profiled sheet allows to speak about its high performance. Also, you can learn any dispute with the help of advice by multichannel phone.


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