Where to buy a profitable apartment in Khabarovsk, in new or old housing stock?

Eighty one million six hundred fifty nine thousand eight hundred eighteen

Apartments for sale in Khabarovsk requires a special approach to accommodation in a new place brought only pleasure. Whether the property is purchased for cash or with a mortgage loan, you need to find out what apartments are available in the market and make your own list of requirements.

Choices: new or resale?The first steps of all future owners of apartments is a selection of housing on interested properties. Reviewing the ads, the head of the family appreciates all of your housing requirements, defining the estimated cost, location and the General appearance of the apartment. Here you can find options for housing in the old housing stock or in the center of Khabarovsk.

The attractive apartments in the old housing stock?Advantages of housing on the secondary market are:
  • You can immediately enter the apartment. While staying at her gradually to finish the repair.
  • Ready infrastructure and populated area.
  • Situated in the city centre, and not on the outskirts. Moreover, in the center you can find options cheaper than the same area in the new building.
  • Buying an apartment on the secondary market, you can bargain with the owner to achieve discounts.
  • The new owner of the apartment immediately becomes its owner, which gives the opportunity to take shelter, to give, to sell.

There are downsides, of which the most important:
  • When buying an apartment in Khabarovsk on the secondary you need to follow her "history" and check the legal purity;
  • Old housing stock was constructed without consideration to the availability of a personal vehicle every owner, so Park spontaneously formed.
  • Worn system of systems engineering, the need in the coming years to make the repair.
  • Neighbors from different layers of society that hinders communication.

Apartments in new Domov built a new house there are always good options that will suit price and quality. Apartments in new buildings preferable to young families who are accustomed to modern landscaping. Pluses of purchasing housing in the new house:
  • Closed house territory, with the territory of modern sports and playgrounds, gazebo and green areas. Children can walk safely within the courtyard, and parents need not fear that the yard will be wrong.
  • Comfortable layout and spacious bright rooms.
  • According to preliminary data, the cost of housing in a new building similar in size and other parameters of objects on the secondary, will differ. When buying it is not necessary to check the cleanliness of the apartment. People who used to save, the best option will be new apartments (without finishing and trim).
  • Priority buildings will be a Parking area for all residents. If the houses in the secondary market is not well-designed area for cars, this car will be far from home, or literally "fight" for Parking space with the neighbors.
  • In newly built houses are better than many options, comfortable accommodation enhanced by new communication systems, ventilation, plumbing devices.
  • The architecture of the residential buildings has a modern look that is aesthetically different from the houses of the old residential Fund.
Of the downsides of apartments in new houses are:
  • shrinking the house that will not make a quality repair in the first years of residence;
  • the risk of contacting an unscrupulous developer.

Find an apartment in Khabarovsk it is possible with the help of convenient services where you can find ads from property owners and developers. The resources committed to participate in an online auction, to calculate and to apply for a mortgage online, contact the seller and to enter into contracts.


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