The advantages of buying real estate in Saint-Petersburg in the building

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If you want to buy a house, then you will have many important questions. And one of them will be what kind of real estate will suit you – the secondary market or new construction? We recommend you to pay special attention to the second option. Since the purchase of square meters in new buildings and the LCD has many advantages.


How to buy a property in a new building?
To buy an apartment in the building in different ways — so in St. Petersburg do most often:
  • The purchase of housing under construction home from the Builder. The cost per square meter will be minimal. You will be able to enter into a contract with the developer directly;
  • Real estate acquisition through a loan from the Bank. In this case, the price of housing will also be most affordable and best.
Please note: apartments in new buildings available at the stage of "excavation", sold at the lowest cost. You can save up to 25-30% of the full price of a finished object.


The advantages of housing in the new building
Real estate in new homes offered in a wide range: you can choose a cozy Studio and spacious four - and even five-room apartment. The layout of the object in any case will be modern and sophisticated.

Buying newly-built properties is always accompanied by the following advantages:
  • All communications and engineering systems will be new, in working condition. You don't have to worry that the water pipe suddenly breaks or appliances will fail because of a power surge;
  • You will be able to perform the repair, which you wish for yourself. To create interior design and decoration from scratch is much faster and easier than disassembling the same coverage and only then begin to repair and finishing works;
  • Your neighbors will be wealthy people who care about the purity of the entrance, the Elevator and the surrounding area. How do we know that? Because to afford the purchase of real estate today is not easy. Becoming the owner of the new apartment, the owner does not want to put it and everything that surrounds her, any harm.

Buildings are built from modern and durable materials, and are located in areas with developed or rapidly developing infrastructure. Most importantly, choose housing options among the proposals of a major and trustworthy real estate developers. In this case, problems with getting my apartment in due time you will have. At whatever stage of construction of new buildings not acquired.

Choosing company-real estate seller, carefully study its reputation, meet customer testimonials and find out the number of already delivered objects. All the necessary information can always be found on the Internet.


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