Apartment in new building: benefits and features of purchasing

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The purchase of an apartment remains one of the most reliable types of investment. Thus, the purchase of housing in the primary market has its advantages


Advantages of apartments in new buildings
First, you have a unique opportunity to purchase homes for themselves. Most premises do with a free plan. To divide the space into separate rooms or to build a luxury Studio, using modern project is the work of owner of the housing. In the apartment, purchased on the secondary market, to make alterations much more difficult because you have to overcome many bureaucratic obstacles and solve complex legal problems. And sometimes redevelopment is impossible in principle, since the construction of homes does not provide any innovations.
Second, the developer offers home purchase on favorable terms (for example interest-free installments).
Thirdly, it is of material benefit. Apartments in new buildings is relatively inexpensive. Housing from the developer that confirms the site — https://barnaul.etagi.com/zastr/ cheaper than the apartments in old houses. There are no risks associated with the encumbrance of the apartment.
Fourth, the developed infrastructure. Often in modern buildings has underground Parking lots. Residential complexes design so that in walking distance there are the necessary facilities-school, clinic, kindergarten, shops, etc. In particular, this is important to moms with young children and the elderly.

So, the main advantages of housing in new buildings:
  • Improved layout (as an option – the ability to decide the space according to your taste).
  • More opportunities for choice. It is not only square footage, but also location and type of housing, orientation to the cardinal points, etc.).
  • The speed of the transaction, without many checks and bureaucratic obstacles. There is no backstory, and, therefore, risks encumbrances – zero.
  • The use of new technologies in construction.
  • New communication without wear.
  • The ability to purchase on favorable terms, for example, in installments.
  • The possibility of redevelopment, and to combine several apartments into one. In the latter case, changes to the project documents made during the construction phase.
  • Social homogeneity of the residents.

Buying a home from the Builder is not just a practical and effective solution. For many people this is the only way to solve housing problems. When choosing a company-Builder pay attention to such things.
  • Just handed the new buildings.
  • The company has state of the builders of your equipment. On the reliability of the company indicates the capital of a respectable office located in the prestigious area of the city.
  • Status of work at sites. The large number of incomplete houses – not a good sign.
  • A license for construction work.
  • The quality of already completed projects.

Enjoy your shopping and an early housewarming!


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