The choice of an apartment in Kaliningrad: what to consider?

Nine million eight hundred forty four thousand four hundred seventy two

Many residents of Kaliningrad have difficulties with residential real estate. First and foremost, we are talking about those families who increased in number. But this also applies to newlyweds who want to live separately. For them, there are different options to search the apartment. For example, you can visit the page of the website or in Kaliningrad to find their own real estate Agency. But what to consider when buying an apartment?

Secondary market: the pros and minusy first and foremost the buyer needs to decide what it would like. And the choice must be done between the primary and secondary market. It is only at first glance it seems that to solve this question is very simple. Really like the new buildings and old houses have their advantages. However, it is not necessary to forget and about minuses. Because they can play a decisive role.

For example, the apartment from the secondary market has the following disadvantages:
  • this housing, which had several owners;
  • as water and Sewerage can cause problems;
  • often in the hallways are dirty and the elevators do not work;
  • there is no certainty in the legal purity of documents to the apartment.
And this is just some of the shortcomings, there are other disadvantages. However, it is important to remember about dignity. For example, in a living space can be occupied at once. Because former owners are trying to not only bring order, but even doing minor repairs. But still worth to consider the option and with the new building.

The choice of apartment in novostroikas apartment on the secondary market you can buy in two ways, on your own or through a real estate Agency, with the new building things are a little different. To buy a residential property here in this way:
  • referring directly to the developer;
  • through participation in shared construction;
  • dealing with a real estate Agency.

Which of these three options are the most profitable? To say anything about it directly would be difficult because you need to pay attention to some nuances.

What is the advantage of a real estate Agency? They know how to check the apartment and what to pay attention to. For example, it is very important to ensure that before the construction of high-rise buildings correctly solved the question about the land. So for the legal validity of the documents should not worry.

But if we are talking about money savings, then it is better to participate in the joint construction. But just need to know which Builder to trust their money. Otherwise, get that instead of the apartment will get unfinished. And the second disadvantage of this option is that you will have to wait a few years before the housewarming. And this is the best. So that is most advantageous to buy flats directly from the developer when the building was commissioned.


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