Help animals in the flooded Khabarovsk

Dozens of animals left to their own residents to evacuate the private sector of Khabarovsk.

Now they have taken care of the Moscow zoo rescuers and volunteers. On the streets of the Aleutian, Mill, Vyatskaya life remained only - tetrapods. From under the water stick triangle roof - this is the outskirts of the village of Krasnaya Rechka. Sail slowly, so as not to bump into the trees. From somewhere in the depths heard a dog barking, it echoed loud meow.
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Watchdog - the so called rescue dog, which a week, twice a day come to feed. Now thin and mangy mongrel lives on the roof of the barn and still guards the master's true good. Even guests with food rescue Andrei and Vladimir did not immediately admit to himself.

 - You look at Barbosa, and see the most loyal friend in the world. It protects the house from anyone trying to swim to it. And the fact that the house had nothing left, he did not care. He waits, when the master - sighs Andrew. - Watchdog, a good boy! Good - he continues, the embankment top to bottom in the old pot dry food. We are approaching the roof, which sits on the dog. And then I see that it does not bark in anger. Vigorously wagging tail gives joy.

 - Glad to see us - sums up Vladimir. - Already I used that we come to feed him. Now naeshsya enough - puts on a vessel and paddle extends to the roof.

Paradoxically, with the dog on the roof of the peacefully coexist three cats. Flood caused tacit truce between on the spirit can not tolerate each other's animals.

 - Murka and you are here! Eat dog food? Well, I'm sorry that it happened now no choice, - says Andrey cats. Resolute "meow!" Is his answer. And another feeding bowl is filled to the top.

 - Look how eagerly snapped up - pulls the ear skinny red-haired kitten rescuer and, noticing my puzzled look, he adds. - They do not touch each other. At such times, we all only one goal - to survive.

Feed your neighbor

Rowed on.

 - Five days ago on a detour we heard barking hungry. Look - a dog on the roof. Since then, twice a day for boating gutter neighborhood feed "friends of man." The owners are to have nothing to do, - says Vladimir. - Only two dogs have given to the owner. And they are at least a hundred.

At first, rescuers fed animals from their rations, yet did not find in the Khabarovsk zoo volunteers. Yes, and they are in the media are restricted.

 - It is sad that we can not save all pets are left in the lurch, - says Elena Malgrem on the phone, one of the organizers of the action on feeding animals. - And a lot of them: on the Big Ussuri Island, here on the Red River, in Galkin, Thalmann, in the Jewish Autonomous Region, in the villages located along the Komsomolskaya track.

But now the zoo volunteers also worried that when the water is gone, and rescuers leave, the hosts will not soon be able to return home, and so, hundreds of animals are left to themselves.

Zoospasatel Elena Malgrem helped to survive and return to their owners fluffy flood victims.
In defense of the most powerless victims of the floods rose volunteers Amur Khabarovsk regional public movement "Zoozaschita DV". Among them - the Chief of the psycho-physiological support of the Regional Directorate of medical support to the Far Eastern Railway Elena Malgrem, which is fighting for the life of pets left in the flooded areas.

Feed bags to 15 kilograms, rubber boots, life jacket - in this outfit zoozaschitnitsa together with volunteers once again goes to where the water entered the house.

- In the area of ​​Krasnaya Rechka, we miraculously found two cats. In the attic of the flooded homes they stayed for ten days. The hosts have forgotten open the door, the animals were terribly exhausted, - shows photos of Elena Vitalevna. - We have a lot of people who need help, but it is right to give them the law. In Russia, a matter of law the animals have no rights.

Zoopsychology - Elena Malgrem hobby. Together with the children and friends she organized social movement "Zoozaschita DV". The "peaceful", the organization promotes the humane treatment of animals, fighting for the rights of stray dogs.

On the Big Ussuri Island there was one piece of land where residents dumped cars, appliances. It rescues and dog. Inside of Khabarovsk, on the Red River, more difficult. Here, dogs and cats have to live on the roofs.

- When the water come down, feral hungry animals come to the city in search of food. We visited the flooded areas - a lot of abandoned animals - says Elena Vitalevna. - On the one hand, we take care of the animals, and on the other - it is a direct concern for the people.

Dogs recognize volunteers welcome barking from afar. Khabarovsk shelters help zoozaschitniki: accept refugees in their cages, are given to families for temporary maintenance. Hosts can visit their pets. Elena Vitalevna never tires to remind you that our younger brothers need affection and care. From my experience the psychologist she knows the important role they play in human life.

- We otvozim feed rescue workers, and they give it to animals. But recently, one of the units at Komsomolsk Centrospas transferred. Feed the dog named serviceman was nobody - she said. - For its transportation to the shelter to find a boat to help local police.

To protect servicemen and other evacuees, the Far East, activists appealed to the governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Vyacheslav Shport. Money did not ask, just asked the room to accommodate the animals at the time of the cold until the owners do not find a new home and not take away their pets.

Now Elena Malgrem help busy people in the city to a friend of youth. Volunteers work at it a lot of movement and Khabarovsk. But without the help no one will. Element proved that many people have great good heart. It knows exactly zoozaschitnitsa.

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