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To the appliances worked steadily and long, you need to find a quality outlet. Such devices, there are many, so it is important to determine the best for himself. Of course, you should pay attention to some characteristics that play an important role.

The new models outlet it is made with two layers. A plate made of polycarbonate, provides electrical safety. The front part of the caliper is protected in any situation, so if touching it with fingers will not hit the shock.
The second layer is made of galvanized steel. Therefore, the strength of the main structure increases almost in half. Hence, such a plug will last as long as possible, carrying out its functions.

Special clips enable to attach the front panel. To disassemble and assemble design, you will have to spend only a few minutes. If we are talking about a traditional mount, the dismantling of the wall will be longer. You will have to Unscrew a considerable number of fastening screws, make an effort.

Sockets with protective covers will help to avoid premature failure of the fixture. You can not only safely transport the device, but also to paint the walls without fear to damage it.

Invoice frame
Quality frame fasten regardless of the front side of the socket. This makes the process of installation and removal from the wall or other surface the device is greatly facilitated.

Excellent choice of products which include double frame. Usually the outside is ABS plastic and the inside polycarbonate. Fixation of the socket occurs, the light touch, so all possible problems are eliminated in full. You will be able to remove and re-fix the frame in seconds.

Internal insulation
High-quality socket provided full security even when removing the front panel. Pay attention to the inner insulation, which should be effective. Access to any wire must be limited so that people do not get electrocuted by touching the elements. Remember that isolation of the low quality level can lead to injury even if you are working with a special screwdriver.

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