Wardrobe in the hallway: types, design and content

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The first thing you notice, coming into the house is the interior. First of all, the visitor enters a hallway. The décor and furnishings of this room, first impression about the apartment in General and of its owners in particular. It is for this reason necessary with all responsibility approach to the selection situation for the hallway.

The Central part of its interior is, of course, wardrobe. Modern compartment of the model greatly in the market pushed the traditional version with hinged doors. When choosing wardrobe, you should consider 2 things: functionality and how it fits into the interior. The choice you have to take into account this set of factors.
  • Dimensions. No matter how great nor was the furniture, there is nothing good in that it's cluttering up all the space. The more space you have, the better. Of course, not at the expense of functionality.
  • Configuration. Matter what the shape of the hallway: square, rectangular or l-shaped.
  • Type of lighting. Usually used in the corridor lighting. Natural light in its pure form is uncommon. From what fixtures are used, how they are arranged depends on the visual perception of objects.
Using the above criteria as guidelines, you can always choose the furniture that will be suitable for corridor best. Moreover, the proper choice fails to correct design deficiencies.

There are 3 most common types of closets for the hallway: built-in and semi-recessed into hull. The last option is closest to the classic versions.
  • Furniture has the highest value, since the manufacture of the Cabinet it takes more than just materials. The main advantage of furniture that if necessary, you can move it to another place.
  • Prostroena model does not have any details. Most often, it is devoid of the rear wall. This reduces the cost of production, and, hence, its price.
  • Built-in wardrobe is equipped with only front part. The role of a floor, ceiling, rear and side walls of the perform floors, ceilings and walls of the premises.
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Especially filling
When choosing furniture, along with the appearance, structure and color scheme, we have to solve the issue associated with filling. A mandatory element is compartment for placing of the top clothes with the hanger bar. Here you can broadcast coats, raincoats and jackets. Very useful have a Shoe section and shelves for hats. Sometimes, if fails for a different way to organize the storage area, it is possible to provide compartments for seasonal items, bedding, etc. However, the ideal this option can not be named. Bedding it is best to place in cabinets and drawers, in the living room. Very convenient drawers for storing small items and accessories: gloves, scarves, mittens, etc., If desired, can be equipped and santechnica, compartment for vacuum cleaner and a folding Ironing Board.

With the help of wardrobe can solve certain design problems. For example, a mirror mounted on the door outside, allows you to visually expand a narrow hallway. No less attractive and tinted glass, you can – with patterns. But in any case, regardless of design, closets that can be ordered on the website of the company Odeskabel, must fulfill their main purpose: storing things.


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