Ideas for a romantic dinner

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One of the oldest traditions inherent in any culture to celebrate important dates with the holiday feast. The lovers this tradition from the hustle and bustle of the holiday transformed into a romantic dinner.

And really, what better test of love than to surprise beloved tasty menu. It is true that the feast was held, and it was in a tone as intended, it is advisable to seriously to some rules.

A romantic dinner should be light and delicate and consist of special dishes that we eat, not every day, products must be of high quality. It never hurts to add in a menu that is sung mythology aphrodisiacs such as strawberries, chocolate, asparagus, spices, and sparkling wine. They will add a seductive touch to a passionate menu.

Seafood is a good choice to open a romantic meeting. Alone or accompanied by (in salads or with scrambled eggs), oysters, shrimp, lobster or crayfish is a significant bid for victory.

In addition to this, you can file a canapé with smoked meat, pate, caviar or duck ham or light sandwiches: chicken and peppers, pork with pineapple, shrimp with mushrooms, eggplant, cheese. You can order take-away catering, if you are in the forces are not sure but want to have a romantic dinner was 100% amazing.

And don't forget about warm salads, which do not limit you in creativity. For example, a salad from escarole, chicory and watercress seasoned shrimp, sauteed with a little garlic in olive oil.

Or mixed fruit salad (pomegranate, tangerine, Apple, grape), plus lettuce and spinach. In these salads, you can add raisins, nuts, cheese. Ideally, if on the table you will have mousse or carpaccio of fish or meat.

The main dish, what will be the "nail program" should be refined, delicious and easy, that was easy to eat, not laying aside the bones, or spines from fish. The options are endless: tenderloin stuffed with meat or fish, pork chop, salmon, all served with a light sauce, making good use of balsamic oil and spices not only excite the appetite. At the finish wine, chocolate, salad of exotic fruits under honey and caramel or chocolate fondue.

And serving must be perfect. If you need assistance in arranging catering in Moscow, we can make your romantic encounter was immaculate, anyway, from the table setting, food and menu selection.
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