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Perhaps, everyone had at least once in life apply to dentists. The experience of visiting the clinic is largely dependent on the qualifications of the staff. Trust dental treatment accidental experts do not want, so the choice of a medical institution should be approached with the utmost seriousness. Sometimes that requires using-the-clock medicine to solve urgent dental problems.


The company's services
If you need round-the-clock dental care from highly qualified specialists, the company Evrodent http://eurodent.kz/ willing to help you. Dentistry from our company is the most competent staff, innovative equipment and consumables, as well as affordable. In addition to the usual range of dental services, staff Evrodent perform the implantation of teeth. Dental implants allows you to fully restore your teeth or, if necessary, to create good support for removable prosthetic restorations.

The advantage of implants is also a good cosmetic effect. To contact you, and the procedure will be executed promptly, with good quality and absolutely painless. List of services provided by the company is very diverse:
  • Diagnostic events. Using the most modern methods to determine the signs of the disease at its earliest stage, resolve the problem in its infancy.
  • Treatment. The use of quiet equipment and the best practices, you can achieve excellent results without causing the patient discomfort.
  • Treatment of gum disease. Will help you to get rid of discomfort, bleeding. Our periodontists will help you with this.
  • The removal of teeth.
  • Changing bite. Our orthodontists will help you to form a proper bite, will make the smile irresistible.
  • Whitening tooth enamel with the use of innovative technologies.
  • Implantation, various types of prosthesis. Your dentition will be restored by fixed or removable designs.

Among the clients of our clinic people of different ages, including very famous. We provide services around the clock. You will not have to endure tooth pain, even if it occurred at night. Please contact one of our specialists and their magic hands will make you forget about the pain. Experienced doctors will help to eliminate the root cause of pain will give good advice on prevention of disease and care of the oral cavity. We are focused not only on treatment but also on qualitative prevention. Modern methods provide an opportunity to learn about the disease at an early stage and not allow it to develop further. Our staff continuously improved, is training, exchanges of good practice. Contact us today and experience a visit to the dentist will be only positive.



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