Documents for entering into operation of buildings and the procedure for obtaining permits

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To use the new buildings and buildings that were beyond repair, only after official permission. To do this, a special Committee of architectural-construction inspection travels to the object and checks the compliance of all premises standards and building requirements. Upon such verification, the developer receives a document authorizing the building input in operation.

Order of examination of residential and non-residential premises
If completed all construction work in private or apartment house, the owner of the property will need to issue permits for the continued operation of the building. This can be done through where offered:
  • the drafting of the Declaration reaffirms the readiness of the facility to be used; this document is required for a building corresponding to the class of consequences of SS1 – a small and private buildings, cottages;
  • the registration Certificate confirms the operating permit; issued for objects corresponding to classes of consequences CC2 – CC3 – high-rise apartment buildings, complexes, business centers.
Also experts will help with identification of class effects. This will take into account the type of building (residential or technical), as well as stay in it (temporary/permanent). Experts check the level of possible risk, and will consider options for financial and social damage. These criteria will determine the classes of consequences:
  • minor CC1 – treat him the buildings of I and II type of difficulty;
  • average CC2 – the complexity of the objects is estimated by III and IV type;
  • significant CC3 – includes buildings for which you have defined the category of complexity V.
The class of consequences determined by the design office, cooperating with developers or contractors. There are instances when the law requires expert assessment. Then organized a special visiting Committee, which acts in the prescribed manner.

We'll be putting a construction object into operation
For starters, a passport is made on the plot. This is assuming that the private house is with an area of 300 squares and a height of not more than 2 floors. Otherwise, you will have to order a construction project, which should issue the relevant organization at the place of location of the object.
Then report to SACC (the planning Inspectorate) on the commencement of construction works. To make notice, which is assigned a unique number. Cause of the employee BTI to carry out all the measurements at home and the results are validated with an appropriate document. These services are provided by private companies that have permission for the appropriate activity.

Recorded the Declaration and issued an official postal address. In the civil service of registration of real estate owner receives a Certificate confirming the right of possession of such property.

Attention! Without introduction you can not use build and run it on any operation (sell, rent, donate).


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