When you cannot use hair oil

Organic natural cosmetics for the hair becomes a real salvation, so many women resort to natural remedies, hoping to restore their structure, return the luster and beauty. Although the drugs of natural ingredients are absolutely safe, and in some cases their use is strictly prohibited.

Contraindications to the use of natural oils
If you are going to buy natural cosmetics, make sure to read the list of contraindications. Best before choosing a particular product, consult with a specialist – doctor-trichologist will be able to justify the appropriateness of a procedure based on the type of hair and their General condition.Apply organic oils not:
  • If you have allergic reactions or hypersensitive individual component. If the test product is applied to the wrist area ended with redness and an unpleasant burning and itching, the drug is in any case can not be used to the hair;
  • Pregnant women. During gestation should be especially cautious in the use of drugs. Some components may trigger the development of allergies in children, particularly peanut and pine oil;
  • Uncontrollably. Increase the dosage of the drug or more frequent application will not help to achieve a positive effect faster. On the contrary, oil will increase the secretion of sebum, which instantly clog the pores and break power, blood flow to hair follicles. As a result, the condition of the hair will only get worse and can even end loss.
In the catalogs of natural cosmetics manufacturers well-known must contain active components of each drug. Check with them before buying tools to avoid allergies and other unpleasant consequences. Purchase goods only proven sellers, which guarantee the quality of its line.


You should also not ignore the fact that organic cosmetics promotes rapid leaching of the colour. If you do not specifically aspire to similar results, better pick up another drug.

Since natural cosmetics in Ukraine is manufactured from different components, individual tools may have an unpleasant odor. To avoid psychological discomfort, stop for a product with a neutral or pleasant scent.


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