Notes of a passionate tourist

Seventy million seventy seven thousand two hundred ninety four

Asia has been and remains the continent I always wanted to visit. You can call it a dream or a way of life where you fit right in with the love of yoga and Buddhist religion, collecting exotic things bright and passionate love curry and coconut milk.


The first trip, as soon as finances permitted, I decided to travel to Thailand, lured by the reviews about the excursions in Phuket. And the first thing I wanted to do on this amazing island, see rare animals, and not just to see, to touch, to be sharing his impressions with enthusiasm to tell you how I played with the elephant, the tiger traveled or feeding it to the monkeys.

MonkeyHill — the hill where many monkeys and few tourists
It is a secluded place where you want to reach on foot, since the two cars were not to turn around, and the tour buses it is not included in the route. Nevertheless, one-sheet hill allowed to carry out long cherished dream, however, instead of the traditional bananas, which, I believed, love monkey, the conductor was persuaded to buy a few bags of peanuts. And he was right, as noisy, quarrelsome, but a very cute monkey took them from my hands.

Wat Shalong
The fascination with Buddhism led me to Wat Chalong to touch something "Holy", but at the same time, different from our Orthodox churches. As it turned out this is the most important temple on the island, the main Shrine of which is the ashes of the Buddha.

When the Buddha died, his body was burned and the ashes divided among several churches. The relic is kept in a glass bowl surrounded by flowers and sculptures, are protected by crystals.
Painting bright colors in the interior, gold details and numerous figures of the Buddha, frozen in various attitudes, left me speechless. As it turned out, each of us has a Buddha, depending on what day of the week we were born. My Tuesday turned out to be lying, that's probably why I'm so lazy.
Phromthep Cape

This is the place where I decided to meet the sunset as the Cape Promthep is the last place in Thailand where the sun sets. I was struck by not only the sunset, but that the whole area was filled with figures of elephants, large and small, wooden, colored and gilded.

The woman who was selling pineapple on a stick, explained that the elephant that I dreamed of the mother of the Buddha, before his birth. Therefore, it is also a symbol of Royal power, and the colorful fabric as the draperies, to protect the occupants in each sculpture, the Holy spirit.

It was only one day of my great journey. Plans to go to the jungle and to visit the Islands, swim, kayak and if you're lucky to fly to Singapore from Phuket, without prejudice to the Finance to visit the famous Celestial gardens of this amazing city.

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