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Twenty million two hundred ninety three thousand six hundred six

Familiar in the daily use of electrical appliances connected to sockets via cables. It is not only mounted in the home refrigerator or air suspended. Vacuum cleaner, food processor, washing machine also connects through the wire PVA. The cable is available with different cross-sections and designed for a specific throughput capacity. The correct choice of wire will allow you to safely plug in and use any appliance.
Main features of the products
The wire consists of copper conductors. For each core in a protective PVC sheath:
  • the conductors securely fixed inside an overall braid;
  • eliminates the exposed contact metal, causing a short;
  • the cable is not exposed to moisture;
  • the shell is a protection poiurovskaia.
Used series wire PVA in the temperature range of -40/+40° C. Due to the shell is protected from poiurovskaia. Inside braid copper conductor can be heated to the limit of +70° C. the cable is not exposed to moisture and eliminates the rotting or mold formation.
Not only domestic, but also garden equipment, or lighting devices are connected through this wire. The flexibility of the copper conductors and the braid allows you to lay the cable not only in a straight direction. To use this line:
  • in the premises and on the street;
  • in terms of temperature variations;
  • at high humidity.
Therefore, inexpensive wire can be used for different purposes. This product is not only practical, but also reliable.
Quality products at an affordable cost
Many manufacturers of electrical products offer a cable type PVS with different characteristics. This allows consumers to choose appropriate products for a particular purpose. From the properties of the cable, and the popularity of the brand depends on the final cost of the product.
If you independently make a choice difficult, then you can take the help of consultants. In this case, the purchase is not only high quality but also safe to use. Orders will be delivered to the customer as quickly as possible, which is an additional service of the online store.



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