How to make ground with their hands

Proper grounding of electrical equipment important to safety. The electric current always goes the path of least resistance, and this path will every time change if there is no reliable grounding. Consider how to make the grounding of the house with his own hands, to annihilate the washing machine and cooker in the apartment and what tools we need for this.

Instructions for installing earthing systems:

Place grounding rods and strip joints in an open area, such as in the yard or behind the garage. In this, choose close from the area where the ground wire enters the building. The shorter the path of this conductor, the better the system scatters the "stray" electric charges. To score the earthing electrode deeper into the ground. For this purpose we recommend to use a special hammer. Often the total length immersed in the earth grounding electrode is about 1.5 meters, but above the ground should be visible just 20-30 centimeters. The deeper the ground connection in the soil, the better it works; Use sandpaper or brush on metal, and thoroughly clean the surface of the ground rod from dirt, rust and traces of paint. Treat the surface prior to the appearance of a bright steel Shine is a guarantee of improved conductivity and strong confrontation of external stimuli; by welding connect all parts of earthing devices into a whole. Strip connecting individual grounding, perform section no less, which is made from grounding themselves. Welding to be lapped. Avoid poor contact because access to inspect these welds in the future will be missing. Also at the entrance of the ground conductor in the building determine the copper distribution plate in the form of a dispenser outlet grounding conductors.

Scheme: the grounding system

 GROUNDING APPLIANCES ANDpeople not in a hurry to do neutral earthing or grounding of the heater, computer, washing machine or electric boiler. And it is negative for household appliances, appears from a number of negative aspects:

  • when we touch, the device has current;
  • failures in the operation of the computer;
  • arbitrary switching-off of gas or electric boiler.
The solution, which is used in this case is attaching the ground wire (yellow-green) to the iron structure, which in turn is grounded, for example, the frame of a panel residential building or other metal structure. But if you want to properly do PE in the bathroom, then act on such instructions:

Neutral earthing is re-grounding, as grounding is as if two separate conductors; a Grounding wire from the appliance connect the single wire to the zero, but it is done in the distribution Board of an apartment; in Any case such a connection cannot be performed in the socket, since it does not exclude the option of emergency breakage of neutral conductor leading to it. Video: how to make grounding

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For water heater of the type "Titan", also required a separate circuit breaker to control the electrical circuit to ground.

 GROUNDING the STOVEis first necessary to learn about the availability of "land" in the building. We offer this type of grounding appliance: need to buy copper wire 2.5 mm2 cross-section, and stretching it from the switchboard, where the electricity meter to building our plate. In that case, if the house is without the "land", you should, in a mandatory case, install on the panel with electric stove separate RCD, as on most devices of increased danger of electric shock. In view of their design in a metal case, these devices must be earthed. The housing of such devices connected after breaker, and the neutral wire to it.

Scheme: ground electric

In the same way provides protective earthing of other electrical devices in a metal case: washing machine, microwave oven, tankless water heater, the toaster, because when kulisnyh the surges in the mains, it sometimes reaches values of tens of kV, to which modern technology without the appropriate level of protection is simply not ready.

 Video SURVEILLANCE AND GROUNDTo reduce harmful interference to the electromagnetic radiation and interference on the video monitor, it is necessary to hold the ground wire to the surveillance system. We have to find the metal rear housing cover and connect it to the circuit ground, safely securing all connections of the ground conductor. Conclusion: the device containing metal parts be sure to ground!

 SAFETY EQUIPMENTground to PC as easily as other similar devices. Use two options: to hold the copper wire directly to the PC case or with the wire to create a separate ground pin on the socket the network filter.


HOW to MAKE "LAND" IN the APARTMENTOften, I get asked a painful question — how to properly make a ground connection in the house or in the Khrushchev and the scheme will need. The fact that novice electricians make a mistake and connect directly in the socket with zero contact, so the contact intended for grounding. The consequences here are the same as described above. The correct path is as follows:

  • RCD machine;
  • line with three wires: phase, ground and zero.
In other words, you will have to change the wiring in the apartment. In the apartments of the Soviet era it is a two-core, i.e. are not intended for connection to "earth", and for normal operation of modern consumer devices required a three-core cable.

In the house, at the cottage or in the garage to make the electric circuit and grounding easier than to buildings. Need for the selected circuit to drive into the ground at the site of the steel angles. Be sure to review pre-tutorial how to make elektrosistema a private home or cottage.


It is important to do the correct form of this circuit. To do this, it is performed in the form of an isosceles triangle. Hammering rods into the ground, then connect them together by horizontal partitions, which then will need to make the grounding wires. To obtain high-quality circuit using a welding machine.

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