The advantages and disadvantages of gypsum wall panels - what you should know before buying?

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If for decoration you decide to use wall panels made of plaster, please check with their advantages and disadvantages. Due to the fact that the number of minimal drawbacks, consider them first.


Disadvantages and minuses the disadvantages of gypsum panels for the walls included the following points:
  • The material is able to absorb moisture from the air. Therefore, to use such finishing products in the room with constant high humidity level, for example, in the bathroom, you should not. But the walls in the living room or hallway with its help you can decorate safely;
  • Relative fragility. With this downside to carry out the transportation and installation should be very carefully. However, if both the first and second you trust the professionals, no problems.


Advantages and strong zeronicotine finishing gypsum panels have a huge amount of advantages:
  • The material is environmentally friendly. The moment really important when it comes to interior decoration. The cast is indeed one of the most eco-friendly materials;
  • Gypsum is not capable of burning, so panels of it are also different fire safety. You can finish even those objects that make high demands on fire safety;
  • The variety of designs of the panels will allow you to find a suitable option for any room. Among the undoubted advantages include the fact that you can paint finishing material. And further also on its own to change the selected color and hue;
  • If you accidentally damage the wall finish, you can easily repair the defect, just having puttied it. Chips are removed not only quickly but also permanently;
  • Thermal insulation properties and sound insulating properties of gypsum boards is quite high. In the room with such a finish will be warm and cozy;
  • Even in the absence of special tools, practical experience and knowledge to perform the installation of plasterboard can be their own hands. Along with finishing material you will receive instruction. Follow the rules manual, and you will be able to save on the services of artists. Gypsum panels are light in weight, they are able to hide the gaps and seams on the surface of the walls. The wiring and cords can be hidden behind the plates.


With regard to the care finish, and here there are no difficulties. To remove dust use a dry rag. If the contamination is strong, the cloth can be slightly moistened.

Using gypsum panels, you can create an original and incredibly stylish interior. Allowed the plates as coating the entire surface of the wall and its parts.



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