Run to the store for plaster powder! The result is fascinating...

We often seek to preserve the best moments of his family life, especially the period of time when the kids are still small and we are young.

For you we have found another great way to save a little time: creative work with plaster bandages! It is not a hack, as it delightfully three-dimensional imprint in the form of gipsokartona — prints of hands, feet or even tummy in anticipation of the newborn. You can choose any items for casting forms.

Using regular plaster and bandages, you can create a masterpiece!

Sculptures from ipsative need
  • samples for bulk prints (you can find on the Internet) and the form for casting sculptures
  • film (food or other, well enveloping objects)
  • medical bandage or gauze
  • a bucket or any large container
  • plaster powder with instructions for use
  • stiff brush, tweezers

  1. The plaster mix should be of high quality! Before you mix the plaster, read the instructions and prepare the working place. Cover the table surface film.
  2. Think over and study the angle to create the desired impression. You can use ready-made ideas or come up with your position for otlivanija form.

    Dry gypsum mixture can be any color. The stores sell brands from different manufacturers, choose a color of their liking. If you want to create an imitation of a real sculpture, is well suited gray.
  3. Pre-dissolve the gypsum powder in the instructions. Ready form for print position in the workplace. Cover it gently with gauze or bandage, and fill the shape of the plaster ground.

    If it's hands or other body parts — they should stay without movement until fully cured gypsum material.
  4. After hardening of the plaster bandages neatly release the form. If it's hand — draw each separately to not disturb the shape of the print.

  5. At this stage, the impression of the plaster bandages remains hollow and, therefore, spill all the remaining ground and leave until fully cured sculpture.
  6. Carefully take off the bandages with the help of forceps and correct if necessary, the form of the sculpture using a stiff brush. The plaster is very fragile and malleable material, you can easily change its contours.

Look how simple it is.

Our sculpture is ready! A good excuse to spend time together in a compromising position and beautify the home interior.

Wow! The most valuable cast...


I haven't admired handmade! Homemade works of art... Share with your loved ones this creative idea, they must like it!

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