Mother noticed on the body of the son of a suspicious rash. When the disease struck your skin, she realized why.

Inflatable trampoline is one of the favorite amusements of children. They are literally everywhere: in playgrounds, in parks, on beaches, in shopping malls. The kids happily jump and frolic, and the parents can relax a little at this time.

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But no one even suspects that such innocent fun can cause severe illness. For the first time talking about it Brenda Sanderson of Massachusetts, whose son was the victim.

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Causes of rash in a child
  1. The first symptoms
    The woman noticed his 10-year-old child a strange red rash on the hands. She thought it was an insect bite and smeared the affected area with ointment. But soon the rash has affected the entire skin on the body, spread to abdomen, legs. Four million three hundred four thousand four hundred thirteen

  2. Ulcers
    Red rash on skin not passed, began to appear festering sores. When the woman saw that the child's condition worsens, she went to the doctor. The physician found that the baby had contracted a staph infection. One question remained: where did it happen? The joint efforts of the parents and the doctor was able to find the answer. Twenty eight million seven hundred eighty seven thousand four hundred forty seven

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  3. Reason
    The reason shocked everyone! Rashes on the body of the child appeared after playing on the inflatable trampoline. The boy frolicked in the bouncy castle, and none of the adults did not even know that such trouble may happen. Fifty four million eight hundred forty three thousand five hundred thirty two

    The fact that these trampolines are for days on the street, they jump hundreds of children on the walls attracts tons of dust and needs cleaning of the rubber coating is not made! Therefore, in a cut or wound in sweaty from jumping child dirt that led to staphylococcal skin infections.

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  4. Under a microscope
    By themselves, the trampolines are harmless, but the dust and the dirt doing their job! The ride becomes a perfect breeding site for bacteria. Children often fall, skinned knees and elbows, and these wounds then become infected. One million six hundred one thousand five hundred thirty six

  5. What is a staph infection?
    This infection can be deadly if the bacteria invade deep into the body, transported from the bloodstream into the joints, bones, lungs or heart. The infection is accompanied by these symptoms: red, irritated skin, blisters, fever. There may also be vomiting or fever. Eighty two million five hundred eleven thousand nine hundred seven

So your child does not have anything like that, just make sure the places where you are together, cleaned properly. Negligence always leads to tragic consequences, and we need to remember this!

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