Academician of Angles: "there is No such authority in a person who has not suffered from the intake of alcoholic beverages."

Fyodor Grigorievich Angles of the first Soviet made a complex operation on the heart, esophagus and lungs. He is the inventor of the artificial heart valve and method of its manufacture. A doctor and scientist can be considered a national treasure in the field of medicine and boldly listen to his advice.

In 1983, academician of the Angles made with its cult report "Alcohol and the brain". It's not just a story about why you can't drink and really good information supported by arguments and research. About the most important and interesting thoughts will tell you the edition of "Site". Don't forget to tell your children or grandchildren, because with 16 to 20 years they first begin to drink alcohol and often poisoning.

The effect of alcohol on organisms organs are affected from alcohol, but most of all the brain. And it's easy to understand if you consider that in the brain is the largest storage. Tverdovskaya shell tense, the meninges are swollen, plethoric, distended vessels. There is a necrosis of the plots of the medulla. And believe me, it's not just about alcoholics.

A more subtle study of the brain have died from acute alcohol poisoning have shown that changes in the nerve cells in the protoplasm and the nucleus was as pronounced as in cases of poisoning strong poisons. You can argue that all depends on the number, and if the person from alcohol death occurs, it is understood why such a reaction of the brain.

But Fedor Angles claims that the same changes in the brain are observed in drinkers, whose death occurs from causes not related to alcohol use.

In the brain there is a strong overflow of blood, often with rupture of blood vessels in the meninges and on the surface of the cerebral convolutions. The described changes in the substance of the brain is irreversible. But this is not the greatest evil of alcohol.

Supply brain cells with oxygen stops in connection with the agglutination of erythrocytes. This oxygen deprivation if it lasts 5-10 minutes and leads to necrosis — irreversible loss of brain cells. The higher the concentration of alcohol in the blood, the more brain cells die. The autopsy moderate drinkers showed that in their brain there is a whole cemetery of dead cortical cells. I agree that most people can be attributed to moderate drinkers.

Changes in the structure of the brain occurs after years of drinking alcohol. To confirm this fact on the survey was taken by 20 persons. Five of them have clearly highlighted the decline in mental abilities even in a normal conversation. They all had clear signs of brain atrophy.

Long been proven that many people drinking, and even quit drinking early manifested the so-called senile dementia. But the big misconception that it appears only in alcoholics. Attempts to carry the harmful effects of alcohol only to those who voted for an alcoholic, is fundamentally wrong.

In 1975, alcohol was recognized as a drug. Enough to encourage people to drink moderately and to say that it's harmless, and they are willing to follow this advice. And most of them will become alcoholics in the future. You can drink once a month, on major holidays, the rest of the sport... anyway the influence of alcohol on the brain will be fatal.

When alcohol affects all brain functions, all the higher feelings. Any creative worker, drinking alcohol, causing irreparable harm to their ability and the cause to which he devoted his life. Sad to see the talent that is disappearing before our eyes and dies under the blows of a narcotic poison.

No matter how great the mental disorders in the brain caused by alcohol, yet as scientists acknowledge, the main changes take place in mental life and in the character of the drinker.

The first thing which attracts the attention of scientists in the drinking behavior is the decline of morality, indifference to the responsibilities and duty to others and even to family members. It is interesting to note that even dogs notice these features in the face of drunks and mad at them more than sober.

With mass consumption of alcohol every year people have the growing phenomenon of premature degradation, and together with the increasing number of degenerative children bamboozle people. Humanity indifferently watching how persistently and relentlessly committed unmatched in its brutality, the destruction of their own national mind.

"Be a shame to all those who said that sobriety in the people inconceivable that it is not achieved by prohibition. No half-measures needed for this, and one resolute irrevocable measure to confiscate alcohol from free circulation in the human society forever! We have to go through an awakening of consciousness in the nation to voluntarily renounce the vodka sold at the lowest price," — said the academician of the Angles in the conclusion of his report.

It all starts with moderate amounts of alcohol. Then it develops into a destructive habit. It's clear that around the alcohol big money and interests from ancient times. They will always be on the shelves and in access, even after the restricted hours.

Just think about what you have kids, family, parents, for which is to lead a sober and healthy lifestyle, not to find joy in a glass in a difficult situation.

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