In my bag there's always room for a jar of powder. Lifesaver in many situations!

Believe it or not but baby powder is a remedy that is able to solve a lot of typical women's problems! This is a real expert in beauty: it is hypoallergenic, has a delicate structure, gently nourishes the skin, mattifies it, and are able to fix the makeup.

Read these life hacks and you will learn how to use baby talc in makeup and daily care!

Children's присыпка9 beauty tricks
  1. Matte lipstick
    Attach to the painted lips with a tissue, gently blot the lipstick and then brush on type in a little powder and go over the lips. Lipstick out of the ordinary will turn into matte and last longer.

  2. Persistent shadows
    In the heat of summer the shade does not roll back, use as the basis of talc. Even if you're not using shadows, apply powder on the eyelids and the corners of his eyes to get rid of oily sheen.

  3. Sand
    Sticking with this product on the beach. If you put talc on your feet, the sand will not stick.

  4. Thick eyelashes
    Makeup lashes one layer, and then powder your powder and their procras again. The volume is guaranteed!

  5. Mask against acne
    Mix until a homogeneous dense mass 2 tsp powder and a little water, apply the paste on the face and leave for 30 minutes. Then wash off the mask with warm water.

  6. Perfect eyebrows
    To his eyebrows seemed thicker, apply talcum powder on them and then prorisi pencil. Another piece of advice: after plucking eyebrow treat reddened skin with powder to avoid irritation and the appearance of small pimples.

  7. The skin without greasy
    The powder gives a matte finish and makeup. Call for a very little money, shake off the excess and go through the T-zone.

  8. Untangle the chain
    The knots in the chain will easily unravel if you put on a little powder.

  9. Delicate area
    Irritation on the skin between the legs can be prevented if grease inner thighs with talc. Still using powder for wounds and cuts.

These suitable life hacks make life so much easier! You know, how else can you use baby powder? Tell me about it in the comments.

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