Now I know how to create your perfect summer wardrobe. Who would have thought...

I was able to quickly pick up a colorful outfit for an important meeting. In my head all mixed up, I wanted to select all the options, and I could not navigate. In the end, as I remember, stopped on the red and black.

To know shades and colors, apply them correctly and combine, this is, without exaggeration, a work of art. Before you compose your final image, any woman doubts, afraid to make a mistake and to give preference to wrong combinations of colors in clothing.

The combination of colors in clothing for renshinkan, fashion is constantly changing, and then you point out that long-forgotten trend back. But there are harmonious color combinationsthat will remain relevant always. Knowing them, you'll always have a flawless appearance.

The editors of "Site" has prepared for you a selection of 10 perfect color combinations. Create your perfect closet!

  1. Red
    If you choose red, be prepared for increased attention. This color is, without a doubt, for self-confident people. It is not necessary to make a set of things only in this color, to avoid excessive sexuality. Besides, too much red on the eyes of who looks at it.

    One of the best to combine with red is black color. And it has already become a classic in the world of fashion. Very well, when both colors are expressed coarsely. For example, skirt and blouse — black and the Cape red.

  2. Pastel
    Pastel shades can be safely combined together. Gentle light colors, as if created for each other. Such a mix will look harmonious and very feminine.

  3. White
    White refers to the basic colors and combined with all other colors. It is refreshing and brings a touch of elegance even in the most boring kit. It will look great with both red and blue. Also just great this year will be a combination of white and shade "coffee with milk". This restraint in colors well suited to the business style.

  4. Denim
    For a long time the combination of different colors denim was banned, now it is regularly found on many fashion shows. The main rule in combining: the shades of denim do not have to match! Blue denim shirt and dark blue jeans will simply look gorgeous in one set, and the brown color in shoes or accessories will strengthen even more the sound of blue.

  5. The nautical theme
    The first sailor started to wear Coco Chanel in the 30-ies of the last century. Dark blue bar is still considered one of the most stylish prints that should be in use every fashionista. Colors marine theme consists of: blue, black, white and red. And to give the image more luxury will help gold accessories.

  6. Mustard
    Mustard color in clothing can add a bright touch to any outfit. It is quite quiet and not very bright color. Mustard blends perfectly with the brown, chocolate, charcoal, beige, yellow. For the classic look it can be combined with the basic colors: white and black.

    Also a very interesting and fresh combination of mustard with pink.

  7. Marsala and chocolate
    Not inferior to mustard color, maybe even in the lead, very beautiful and fashionable color — Marsala. Its name he received in honor of the wine from Sicily. And this color is really reminiscent of a good vintage wine! He freely goes well with many shades. Win-win is a combination of it with the color chocolate. Beige and milky tones are also suitable.

  8. Rose with cream
    Want to be endlessly feminine and highlight the natural tenderness? Feel free to choose pink. It goes well with white, beige, blue, brown, and blue. The winning combination forms a pink color with white: in this form, you can even go to work or a business meeting.

  9. Grey and shades of green
    Gray can be called a classic office fashion, with the right combination of this base color can look very elegant and even bright. Grey is just perfect in combination with any shade of green from mint to olive.

  10. Blue
    The color blue is one of the most aristocratic in the color palette. Interesting and trendy combination you can get if you combine it with white, beige, brown and ivory.

Color dramatically affects any person. It creates a particular mood, can help to form an opinion, to a certain impression and you need the reaction, due to the effect of different shades.

Mix and match your clothes wisely and always take note of these 10 stylish tips on color selection for your perfect wardrobe. And don't forget to share useful information with your girlfriends!

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