A trend that cannot be ignored. Sexy but strict white blouses — 15 models!

White blouses from the most diverse materials is a frequent guest of the fashion shows pret-a-porter and haute couture. Stylish and simple white blouse will perfectly complement any look, be it business or casual.

White blouses can be matched with any outfit. White — a timeless classic, it will be a real lifesaver if you are experiencing difficulties with the selection of clothing suitable shades. This means that by white blouse suit pants and skirt of any color. What freedom!

Twenty eight million five hundred thirty one thousand four hundred ninety two

White blouse is always in fashion simply because it is very beautiful. And yet — a gentle and fresh. This outfit is suitable for any woman, regardless of age, physique and lifestyle.

Edition «Site» invites you to enjoy a selection of 18 models of delicate and elegant white blouses, which are relevant in the summer season 2017. Inspirational — and go shopping!

Women's fashion blouses
  1. Delicate rustic looks very harmonious. Twenty million eight hundred thirty one thousand five hundred sixty seven

  2. A black belt and sheer panels. Bring a touch of temptation in strict office. Nine million five hundred fifty two thousand nine hundred eighty five

  3. White sleeveless blouse — perfect for a romantic summer date. Eighty five million five hundred ninety six thousand one hundred thirteen

  4. Lace and ruffles is now at its peak. Catch the wave! Five million three hundred fifty six thousand five hundred six

  5. Such an informal thing perfect for gala events or evening out in the light. One million one hundred ninety one thousand four hundred forty five

  6. White blouse with a bow you can wear to any social event, even with a strict dress code. The bow can be as silk and chiffon. Thirty two million two hundred seventy three thousand four hundred forty five

  7. Strictly and romantic at the same time. Seventy one million eight hundred sixty six thousand two hundred thirty

  8. Regal elegance. Eighty eight million two hundred seventy two thousand three hundred four

  9. Summer carelessness and mischief Shine through in these light lines. Sixty two million two hundred eighty thousand eight hundred nine

  10. The simplicity and austerity of white color with a vengeance kompensiruet sophisticated cuts and large necklace. Eleven million seven hundred eighty one thousand four

  11. Strict, almost masculine cut, but what femininity in this lace trim! Seventy five million one hundred seventeen thousand nine hundred ninety eight

  12. The simpler the shirt, the heavier may be the decoration. Twenty six million one hundred ninety eight thousand nine hundred seventy six

  13. White lace blouse will look great with sundresses and jeans, with a skirt of the pencil silhouette and chinos. Eighty million nine hundred twenty one thousand nine hundred seventy seven

  14. The style rests on the contrast. Safely dopolni finest blouses jeans and overalls of coarse denim. Three million eight hundred thirty three thousand four hundred thirty five

  15. Jeans in a retro style with a high waist — like a ride from the 70s. d5caa0c851.jpg

Any white blouse: with sleeves and without, with buttons and without buttons, with neck and neck — is an absolute must havе season. Bring your girlfriends and get shopping!

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