That's why men marry divorcee with trailer, not to free the girl!

In the past divorce was considered embarrassing, and in the Soviet Union for this even expelled from the party. And still in the minds of most people lives the idea that this is something terrible and life after divorce , especially for women. Undoubtedly, this is a bad thing. But there are certain advantages.

Experts on family issues say that the chance to successfully marry divorced women with children, more than free girls. This statement is surprising, therefore edition "Site" decided to find out why the choice of new men in the Prime of life falls for a woman with "trailer".

Divorcee with demesne of the matter is that a man who himself is divorced, will be to look for a divorcee with a child. Because the children he already has, and to take all of these everyday trials he wants. But young men, not been married, having a good stable income — that is another question. Their motives can really get confusing.

The question of which of the women has more chances of success, of course, very controversial. Because there are so many factors that determine in the future the quality of the marriage. Here are the arguments that lead men in favor of women, already married.

The opinions of men
  1. She already knows how to build relationships
    It would seem that if a woman is divorced, saving the relationship is not strong. But, in the opinion of men, she already knows what it's like to live together, life will not be to oppress. She realized that she need to accept the shortcomings partner and to compromise. She is ready to many difficulties, which will not throw tantrums. She's already moved past the illusion that the life of husband and wife is like a fairy tale. Quiet happiness for her joy. This woman knows exactly what she wants from men and from relationships.

  2. She doesn't want a baby right now
    She was held as a woman — becoming a mother. Pregnancy and child birth is done. She still wants children but will not require them from the man right now. This means that he will be able to prepare for the coming fatherhood. That is to say, ripen. And most importantly — he's not going to feel guilty, that does not give the woman the opportunity to know the joy of motherhood.

  3. The man for her partner, not salvation
    She completely relied on a man. But now she knows that it is possible to be self-sufficient without him. Therefore, she was not looking for Prince on a white horse, which she always needs. The man she's looking for a lover, reliable friend and just a man who is able to support it. This woman is not going to be a scandal that one of her friends husband gave a fur coat and drove to the sea. She realizes that the stronger the Union will not be.

    And if it so happens that a man leaves it, it is not so much to hurt her, as the girl did not know even divorce.

  4. Good relations with relatives
    Whatever it was, but for the relatives of the divorced man who married her and adopted her child is a hero. In their eyes, he is so kind and caring. Therefore they will treat him with warmth.

  5. He will be able to understand which of his father
    Besides the fact that a man can mentally prepare for fatherhood, he will see which of his father. Because the child is already there, besides, he from another. Yes, the responsibility for the kid the man is definitely responsible, but this is absolutely not what would happen to my own child. It will not torment the conscience, if he gave a red car, and the son wanted blue. And anyway, he will be able to understand, get him out of the father or is it better to lead a free lifestyle.

From these arguments it is seen that many men are afraid of responsibility. They want to get mentally Mature woman who will not wag your nerves. Of course, personal preference plays a large role. We in any case do not say that divorced women have no chance at personal happiness. The main thing — to choose a man who wants to find a family and love their woman.

Tell us in the comments, whether you agree with the fact that divorced women with children have more chances for a happy marriage, and do not forget to share interesting information with their friends in social networks. And we wish you strong relationship filled with love!

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