My husband brought home from market a whole bucket of sugar peas... a Friend suggested what to do with it!

Green peas — one of the most popular products in this season. The market is literally crowded with merchants trying to sell juicy pods as expensive as possible.


But what an inexperienced buyer, not to be trapped? Properly, to try! Sweeter than polka dots, the better...


All varieties peas are divided into two groups: sugar and shelling. Sugar can be eaten along with the pods and shelling only in a purified form.


Young peas
  1. Sugar and brain varieties
    For those who want to eat green peas, it is worth to pay attention on the cerebral varieties of peas. This unusual name is due to the fact that at the end of ripening peas become wrinkled.

    Due to this transformation in the peas is less than in other varieties, accumulates starch. This is considered the sweet peas! It is not recommended to cook hot dishes should add the peas at the end of cooking.

  2. Shelling peas
    This variety of pea seeds has a round shape and contains a large amount of starch. Shelling varieties most often used for cooking porridges and soups.

    The pods of the peas unfit for consumption. Have a good and quality of peas grain of the same shape and color, they are not eaten by pests.

  3. Storing peas
    Unlike beans, fresh peas deteriorate pretty quickly. Therefore it is best to use it immediately after purchase. In the fridge, this product will hold at the temperature of 0... +2 ° C to 3 days.

    Will continue to be a rapid decrease in sugar content and vitamin C. If you can not keep the peas fresh, the best solution to the problem will be the preservation or freezing.

    In the latter case, it is not recommended to thaw the peas before cooking. You should immediately immerse it in boiling water.

How do you harvests the peas? Be sure to share his culinary secrets in the comments!

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