10 rules of a happy family life, which actually don't work

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When we marry, we hear a lot of advice and rules concerning family life: what to do when and how, which is strictly prohibited. And maybe go against all and just not bother?

The website assembled "immutable laws" of family life that can and should be broken. Try it, you'll like it.

Never lie to your spouse

People telling you never to lie to their spouse, surely this advice is not followed. All people lie, and it's true. To hold back or keeping back is also considered. Just think of how many nerves you can save each other, if not to mention all the nuances and details.

Become weak wife for a strong husband

The desire to appear weak could inadvertently escalate into excessive immaturity. Remember: you married the man. Do not turn into a petulant child, and be yourself.

Do not use sex for reconciliation

It can be a long sulk over petty things, and can "make peace" with pleasure. Because the causes of conflict are sometimes literally sucked from the finger, for example due to lack of attention. And don't say it doesn't help.

Spend your free time together

If you want to rest from each other, do it. Spending time together is necessary, but only when it really want. Here, quality matters, not quantity.

And better come up with a common passion

There's nothing worse than forcing your mate to share their interests. If he does not like to go to theatres and exhibitions, and you has absolutely no interest in football — get everyone their business. So each of you will be full of positive emotions, and this will significantly improve the weather at home.

Do not swear for nothing

No need to keep silent about their grievances and claims. Once this time bomb explodes, and then expect trouble. Avoid innuendo and it is better to say to each other that you don't like. Be honest and you will find that many "forbidden" topics does not lead to scandals and resolved peacefully.

Children in the first place

Of course, parents should always be with the children, care for and protect them. But do not forget about yourself and your mate. Take one night a week or even a month just for the two of you. Take him outside the house and just relax.

Turn life together in celebration

No need to bust my ass to support each other's interest. After all, it's all about positive emotions. And if you objectively get pleasure from the fact that I can sleep on the couch at the end of the week, no one has the right to judge you.

Work on the relationship

The phrase "work on relationships" many people take too literally and seriously. Some immediately begin to hold each other discussions, others fled to psychologists. But in the difficult period most important thing is to relax, to let go of all problems and not add new ones. And then not have to admit to the relationship a third person.

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