30 simple truths about men, marriage and love from the incredible Larisa Guzeeva. The embodiment of wisdom and wit!

On account of Larisa Guzeeva more than 50 roles in theatre and film, but she fell in love with the viewer through the program "let's get married". Telecha, sharp tongue, bright colorful blouse, became a benchmark for happy and confident women.

Tips Larisa Guzeeva help young ladies of all ages to find the perfect man and love yourself. This kind of people need to listen. Read these truthful statements, and you look at yourself in new ways!

Life Larissa Gusevogorskoe statements
  1. Remember: if a woman is delightful, if a man is from her "drags", it will have a too salty soup and spit on the litter.
  2. So are you a doctor? What didn't you say so? I would not have pressed you. I thought you were a fool!
  3. Weak no one likes. This is a legend that a woman's power in weakness. In family relationships in General can not be bothered and shipping. It is necessary to the joy of being together, you have to be light.

  4. No longer listen to the grandmothers. They nakolbasyat in life, and then portray before us that such direct dandelions.
  5. As constantly brushing your teeth, you also need to take care of the man.
  6. What you want wife? Well buy an inflatable!

  7. If you love truly, you love the size of your ass, and your antegrade!
  8. Well, this guy's not for your character... and not for my... I would just broke through the knee the next day!
  9. Feelings come and go. While marriage is a transaction, a contractual relationship, responsibility and a material base.

  10. Men can be strong only in one case is to discard the blanket from the bed and say, "Welcome!"
  11. Happiness — as long. Everything else — the orgasm.
  12. Is that it is better to replace the firing squad.


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