The bending angle of the thumb will tell all about you! The most accurate test on the character's personality…

The desire to know itself through the study of the hands recorded in 2000 BC It was during this period occur the first mention of palmistries. To date, the burning interest in this science is not cold, people still interested to know your the nature along the lines of the hands and their appearance.

Ninety two million eighty thousand three hundred sixty eight

Our editorial team is excited to share with our favorite readers a simple guide chirognomy — section of palmistry, which examines the appearance of the hands.

A test of character личности

If the thumb is slightly bent back and is reminiscent of the arc, it indicates fine and sensitive nature of its owner. Such people are always creative approach, and have a noble character and great tolerance.

Eleven million four hundred forty one thousand five hundred thirty

If the finger is straight, without curves, this demonstrates aggressiveness and solid character of its owner. Often these are leaders who are always ready to take on more responsibility.

Twenty two million one hundred forty one thousand one hundred three

Each person has strong and weak fingers. Smooth, upward — strong finger. Curved, slightly deviating to another finger — weak. Strong thumb says about the pursuit of professional success.

Ninety eight million seven hundred twenty eight thousand eight hundred seventy nine

Strong index finger testifies to the desire for power. A strong middle finger characterizes its owner as an extremely responsible person.

Eighty eight million nine hundred seventy three thousand eight hundred eighty three

Strong ring finger is responsible for creativity and self-expression. Strong little finger — a sign of a sociable person.

Eight million four hundred forty five thousand two hundred nineteen

Look carefully to the shape of the nails on their fingers. Rounded shape shows the desire to achieve harmony and understanding with others.

Ninety three million one thousand seven hundred ninety four

The square shape speaks of precision and a negative attitude to uncertainty. The owners of the spade-like nails love creative challenges and I hate routine.

Twenty six million fifty six thousand three hundred forty six

Pointed nail shape is inherent to the idealists, or those who aspire to perfect. People with such nails are hardworking and happy, but sometimes it covers a wave of impatience and vanity.

Thirty one million six hundred eighty five thousand six hundred ninety eight

Do you believe in palmistry? If so, be sure to find out in our article, as found on the palm of the finish line of marriage.

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