Unique garden Igor Liadov! High beds the key to a good harvest.

The depletion of the earth's agricultural crops — a common phenomenon in our country. Over time the crops become scanty, no matter how many forces they neither invested.

Igor Liadov — one of the gardeners who are faced with this problem. To the surprise of many, he did not give up and act radically. Just a few months the man built a smart gardenthat gives to this day a record harvest!

Smart огород

The idea of creating a smart garden Lyadov borrowed from overseas agronomist — Jacob advanced methods. His theory is based on what should grow crops high in bulk boxes.

The advanced methods also insists that you need to regularly feed the plants with mineral fertilizers. But our hero went on his way, replacing mineral fertilizers to organic.

The width of the beds is small — 60-100 cm, and the passages between them are about the same. The important point is the location of the beds — strictly from North to South.

Wall boxes can be made from any material at hand: planks, logs, slate, bricks and beyond. Before installing the high ridges is important to carefully align the surface of the soil. Then the walls of the boxes get off or twisted and the bottom is placed a cardboard.

After the cardboard is a small layer of sand then a layer of coarse plant waste. Also we should not forget about the protection of the high garden beds against pests: our gardeners are advised to cover the box with non-toxic water-based paint.

Further flower bed to fill with leaves, mown lawn grass (not weeds!) or straw. Next, a layer of manure, humus and compost. At this stage it is necessary to water all Braga. Final layer of 10 centimeters of the usual soil.

To plant Igor Liadov recommends staggered in 2 rows. Due to increased layer of organic matter in high ridge is continuously perepravnaya. This is the main key to efficient productivity!

And what technologies do you use when planting? Be sure to share in comments your experience!

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