10 people that look like cartoon characters as two drops of water

Thirty eight million three hundred ninety eight thousand eight

There is a belief that each of us somewhere in the world has a twin. I think our copy can not live only in the present but in a fictional, fantasy world.

As proof of this Site is 10 favorite cartoon characters that are incredibly similar to real people.

Linguini "Ratatouille»

Forty three million nine hundred fourteen thousand six hundred sixty four

Victor "Despicable me»

Sixteen million five hundred thirty seven thousand three hundred thirteen

Scar "The Lion King»

Sixty six million seven hundred twelve thousand one hundred eighty two

Prince Eric "The Little Mermaid»

Seven million nine hundred fifty six thousand two hundred five

Prince Adam "beauty and the Beast»

Three million two hundred twenty eight thousand five hundred ninety six

Tarzan "Tarzan»

Thirty three million three hundred thirty thousand fifty six

BU "monsters, Inc»

Sixty million six hundred forty five thousand eight hundred twenty four

Ned Flanders "The Simpsons»

Eleven million two hundred seventeen thousand six hundred sixty nine

Prince Aladdin "Aladdin»

Twenty five million nine hundred forty five thousand six hundred seventy four

Princess Jasmine "Aladdin»

Thirty million six hundred forty thousand eight hundred fifty five

Photo on preview Walt Disney

via movies.disney.com/aladdin


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