Went to the doctor to inform the patient of important news...

Thirty eight million two hundred sixty two thousand two hundred fifty four

One man who recently had a very severe heart attack, inherited ten million dollars from a recently deceased grandfather. None of the members of his family did not dare tell him, fearing that such a sad but at the same time, good news will destroy him.

Relatives went to the old family friend doctor, who was treating this man after a heart attack to consult. He replied to them:

And I'll tell him the news? I'm myself not so long ago suffered a heart attack, so know how heavy it was. I will try to do everything very delicately.

The family agreed with him, and the doctor went to the patient.

— My dear friend, what would you do if you suddenly got a thousand dollars? — asked the doctor.

Oh, I went to the bar and threw a noisy party! — the man answered.

— If you got ten thousand?

— Then I would gather all their friends and relatives and brought them to the most expensive restaurant in our city.

— Well, what would you do if you won a million dollars?

Oh. I probably would have bought you, true my friend, luxury yacht, because you saved my life!

— Excellent! — happy doctor. — Well, let's say, if you won ten million?

— Oh, buddy, then I'd give you half! — answered the patient.

The doctor rolled his eyes and dropped dead on the floor...

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