Life, surprisingly, is a very simple thing

Life is a very simple thing. But not in the sense that you can't count and put in his bosom.

Life is simple because you do not need to try to live.

For example you don't need to breathe. Breathing happens by itself.

Putting food in your mouth, you just chew. But the digest will not you. You don't need to worry about digestion, it also happens of course.



You do not need to alternate phases of sleep. No need to worry about adjusting the temperature of the body.

Even with the disease do not have to fight. You just need to stay relaxed and carefully until the body can handle it. Just lie for three days or five.

But if you have no time (days three or five), how you live and what you feel stuffed (some ideas) that you do not have three days to ourselves? Uhthat's a good question that is worth considering.

It's very simple. But not for humans. Because people used to fight.

You used to seek; to try. Because someone very long ago you said that nothing happens “just because.” That to pay for everything.

That someone likely had no idea what he's talking about, but you give him/her a reason to believe. And since then live and any words that seem wise or authoritative take on faith.



To argue “bad” or “good” is meaningless. But also for you. Because you are used everywhere and in everything to make sense. Causes, effects, and a supposedly hidden from the eyes and mind of the order.

And this definitely is. Here only the analysis can not be. Well, not that it exists to be decomposed into components.

And you think of what to do. Otherwise, why else? Not that there is an order that you just lived with ease. Nah, it's kind of garbage.

“The universe”, “target”, “divine purpose”, “subconscious”, “elaboration”, “ancestral karma”, “childhood trauma,” “depression.” Here's a cool word. Epic. Really meaningless, but beautiful.

And harmful. Harmful because of these words, you can't afford a simple and very unpleasant for you thought. The idea that life without any special goals, efforts and problems on the destination and your way, provided you:

  • donated a giant Playground – the planet;
  • managed, piloted, customized finest way nechuvstvitelnyy complex body;
  • endowed with a mind (so you can play something to choose, something to adjust);
  • Yes, even large fingers you bulge from the rest to give you something sensible to do studied.

But no – all it is somehow suspicious, eh? Life's not the same. It is “right and reasonable” only when something is in your opinion “is wrong, in need of change” when you don't agree with it.

But no, not apathetic and caring at the same time. This is illogical. And illogical means or incorrectly, or not happen.

And, in General, what kind of life is such that even the user not made?! Not told what to do and how to be?! And most importantly – why?!

And so the more you try to unravel the mystery of life, however twisted it becomes, and the farther you run away from the answer. The answer is that few people are comfortable with and nobody likes it: no mystery and there never was. There is a secret that for anyone to comprehend not meant to be.

And this simple, and can be slightly disturbing fact — the main cause of your anxiety. But cure for anxiety you too are not looking for it. But where to look I will tell you.

Instead of riddles, which nobody wanted, and look for the answer to obviously stupid and pointless questions, you have to learn to live. That is to learn.

Because you do not know how. Could — not boiled would now protest, reading these lines. And not be outraged, podavlivaya “author of” inaccuracies and wrong view.

You must learn just to be. It is necessary to learn. And not to just anyone and everyone. All inhabitants of this planet. Literally everyone.

Learning to live without purpose, without directions, without desires and questions. To learn because hurriedly you are unlikely to succeed. But learn not as you used to — for the record, at the roundabout, exams and diplomas. No, not so.

You don't owe anyone anything. Life is anything you do not need. But always give as needed.

Even if you think that this is not enough or something gave you “wrong.”

Life does not teach you specifically. Not is spontaneous, unrelated phenomena to clothe in the form of “lesson” or “punishment”. Nobody wants you either to punish or to teach. No one needs to, especially life itself. You always do your court. You are your own judge, defendant, jury and lawyers.

Life is both very complex and very simple. And the joke is that all the complex exists ONLY in order to make it easy and simple.

But you somehow think that easy and simple — it's wrong. What's real is hidden in the analysis and decompilation difficult. When hard, then right, then all is well, right. Better yet, when the situation is unbearable, isn't it? After all, you the fun and value only where it is unbearably difficult, where to sweat.

And you rush there, hoping to find answers to some of your questions. Looking for years, but find nothing but exhaustion and anger. And why? But because they did not read the previous paragraph. Well, not quite it, but the point is that you already met not once, but missed by the eyes and ears. Well, nothing. It will be another three billion paintings with words. Beat them until you get tired, do not linger for a moment and will be left entirely without words and without protest.

And finally, I will try to look around and Live. For about ten seconds. Inhale-exhale. Well and then again for...published


Authors: Tokarski, Anatoly, Vasily Kuryshev

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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