15 illustrations about what being a woman is an art

Nineteen million five hundred seventy one thousand eight hundred sixty one

How familiar a situation which is so vitally illustrated, the artist DreamOn (Valentine Bogdanyuk)! Female half Site totally agree: with humor and truth is easier to move mountains, while remaining gentle and sweet.

Three million nine hundred twenty five thousand seven hundred thirty one

Seventy five million thirty thousand six hundred two

Twenty six million three hundred twenty three thousand eight hundred twenty nine

Fifty million four hundred fifteen thousand three hundred eighty eight

Twenty eight million sixty four thousand eight hundred ten

Fourteen million nine hundred two thousand fifty four

Sixteen million five hundred fifteen thousand six hundred five

Eighty six million one hundred twenty seven thousand six hundred sixty nine

Thirty nine million nine hundred twenty three thousand six hundred fifty one

Sixty nine million two hundred six thousand one hundred one

Sixty four million one hundred ten thousand nine hundred ninety nine

Seventy six million seven hundred twelve thousand one hundred seventy one

Eighty seven million two hundred six thousand one hundred

Six million three hundred eighty nine thousand sixty one

Four million one hundred seventy six thousand one hundred seventy one

Photos on the preview DreamOn (Valentine Bogdanyuk)

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