3 spiritual steps to return the joy of life

The road to recoveryIf you feel tired all the time, she can be quite physical. However, there are some psychological and spiritual problems that can also lead to extreme fatigue.

If you feel tired constantly, even after waking up after a sound sleep throughout the night, it means that your life is something that you need to fix. The first step is to verify your physical health, there are many diseases that can lead to extreme drowsiness. If you have physical health is all right, probably it is time to test your mental and psychological state, which may also be the cause of chronic fatigue.

This is a problem I've encountered myself. Several years ago I was diagnosed with "failure of thyroid function". This disease is treated quickly, but despite treatment, chronic fatigue left. I started to look for other possible causes. Partly I was helped by a healthy diet and exercise.

I was disappointed that I could not feel those former energy and enthusiasm that accompanied me throughout life. It was a feeling that I'm barely dragging through the day, and, in the end, I started to feel very depressed. I couldn't do much of what I wanted, because I felt constantly tired.

Then I started to look for other causes of fatigue. I quickly discovered that to solve problems required to take a range of measures that touched not only my body but also the brain, and mental state. Studying psychological and spiritual therapies, I soon found the answers to your question.

Those are the basic three steps that helped me get my energy back and to feel again the joy of life.

1. Learn to speak the truth

The first step that I took was that I started to honestly talk about their feelings. I am a person who hates confrontation, so for the sake of peace I often suppressed many of his thoughts and feelings.But repression of emotions causes stress and tiring. I was poisoned by the accumulated unexpressed feelings, and they were eating my precious energy. I decided to be honest with others, I began to speak openly about their needs and, most importantly, to ask for help.

I learned that, first of all, I have to be honest with myself. I often repress feelings of annoyance and frustration. I tried to think positively about all that displeased. It didn't work. To be honest with yourself and acknowledge your emotions – this was my first step. When we block the emotions, we can block only negative. Together with them we unwittingly suppressed and good. When I began to admit their fear, sadness, anger, sadness and despair, I not only began to heal these feelings, I also noticed that I have become much more positive emotions such as joy, contentment, satisfaction, peace and love.

We should not be smartrepeater or self-centered, but we don't have to hide his feelings.If some aspects of our lives we are not satisfied, then we have to think about these things and to experience the appropriate feelings towards them.

2. I stopped worrying about what others think of me

Previously, I had a deep fear of possible condemnation or accusations. This forced me to be in constant tension, I was afraid to make a mistake or do something "bad". Now I realize that my life is subordinate to someone else's expectations and not your own dreams, desires and needs.

Training life according to your own desires was for me another long process. I still feel a bit of uncertainty. However, I'm starting to worry less about what other people think about me. I don't intentionally upset others, and I listen to people I love and respect. But, in the end, this is my precious life, and I have the right to choose how I spend my days here on Earth. I found that once I freed a life of its own from unnecessary obligations, I was beginning to regain my energy. I feel more positive, I hope and optimistic about the future.

When we learn to accept ourselves and to love ourselves as we are, we are freed from the pressure of a society that tries to impose their ideas about what we should match. We must forgive ourselves that we are far from perfect,and treat yourself as a good friend, and not to engage in constant self-criticism.


3. Determine what need to devote more of his time, and what is less

In our fast paced society we constantly feel that we need to do something. We believe that we have to work hard, to strive, to learn and grow. We are often so busy achieving your goals that we don't have time to stay and get pleasure from life. This can lead to chronic fatigue. The universe is an amazing place. To life – incredible luck. However, we are so often concerned about making money and impressing other people that we forget to use a lot of those great features that gives us life.

Of course, to learn to enjoy the present moment is easier said than done. Life is full of stress. We have bills to pay, people close to us can get sick. I have not yet finished the work in this direction, but I'm trying to get away from worrying about the opinions of others and free up time for more joy from life.

We must make joy a priority. It heals the body, mind and spirit. Every day we have to have a little time when we may not aspire to any achievement. We can use this time to meditate, to sit and watch the passing clouds, or to do something solely for his own pleasure, without any practical use in the form of the final result. In fact, it charges us with energy. When we feel happy and content, it seems that the energy she poured into us.

Final thoughts

If you feel tired all the time, then maybe you should consider some of these issues. This started my own path to recovery, and I'm sure there is much more that I learn along the way. There are surprisingly many ways that can help us gain a psychological and emotional balance. published


@ Kirstie Pursey, translations of Dmitry Oskina

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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